IRAN ON EDGE: US Pressure Causing SERIOUS ‘DISCONTENT’ in Tehran

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Massive pressure from the Trump administration is causing serious “discontent” among Iranian rulers and civilians, with economic problems and social issues creating growing unrest just months after the US withdrew from the Iranian nuclear agreement.

According to Yahoo News, mounting sanctions and economic pressure from the White House is “rattling the Islamic Republic” and creating new headaches for leaders in Tehran.

“Three days of protests broke out on Sunday in Tehran’s Grand Bazaar, with hundreds of angry shopkeepers denouncing a sharp fall in the value of the Iranian currency,” writes Yahoo. “The disturbances are a major challenge, but analysts expect the leadership will survive despite factional infighting and growing economic problems.”

“The country is under pressure from inside and outside. But it seems there is no crisis management plan to control the situation,” said one Iranian insider.

Iranian authorities largely blame the escalating currency crisis on the United States’ decision to leave the nuclear pact, saying the Trump administration has launched a “political, psychological, and economic” war on Iran.

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Why in the hell is causing chaos in another country a good thing? Why is destabilizing another country some sort of game? Something really wrong with you people.