IRAN ON EDGE: Pro-Democracy Protesters Take the Streets of Iran, Chant ‘Death to the Dictator’

Originally published at: IRAN ON EDGE: Pro-Democracy Protesters Take the Streets of Iran, Chant ‘Death to the Dictator’   | Sean Hannity

Countless protesters took to the streets of Tehran this weekend after Iran admitted they accidentally shot-down a Ukrainian passenger jet; killing all 176 passengers and crew on board.

“Videos emerged online Monday that purportedly show Iranian police and security forces firing live ammunition to disperse demonstrators protesting against the Islamic Republic after the country mistakenly downed a Ukrainian airline plane shortly after takeoff from Tehran,” reports Fox News.

“There was no immediate report in Iranian state-run media on the incident near Azadi, or Freedom, Square in Tehran, but, if true, could be seen as an act of defiance against President Trump who warned the regime against the use of deadly force,” adds Fox.

President Trump tweeted his support for the Iranian demonstrators on social media, warning leaders in Tehran “Don’t kill your protesters.”

مشاور امنیت ملی امروز عنوان کرد كه تحریم ها و اعتراضات، ایران را«به شدت تحت فشار»قرار داده است و آنها را مجبور به مذاكره می كند.در واقع، اصلا برایم اهمیتی نداردکه آیا آنها مذاکره می کنند یا نه.این کاملاً به عهده ی خودشان است، اما سلاح هسته ای نداشته باشیدو«معترضان خود را نکشید.»

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 13, 2020

As the people of Iran take to the streets to protest the murderous regime, America stands with them in their fight for freedom. #IranProtests2020

— Liz Cheney (@Liz_Cheney) January 12, 2020


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The people do not disrespect the flag of USA and Israel. They say all over Iran: We are not the enemy of the USA and Israel. Our enemy is the people of the Islamic Republic of Iran.#IranProtests #IranProtests2020

— Mohammad Mozafari (@mohmd_mozafari) January 12, 2020

Source: Fox News