Iran issues interpol arrest notice for trump

they tried this before but interpol refused but if hes no longer president they just might agree to it. I hope they do. charge trump with murder for killing Soleimani. interpol wont issue a warrant thats of a political, military, religious or racial character but if trumps no longer in office that might apply

a judge just blocked trumps plans to sanction judges of the international criminal court invetigating war crimes…

id love to see trump and some of his allies dragged to the hague to face charges.

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So cute…cheering for Iranian Mullahs.


Siding with the Mullahs nice


I don’t think it is wise to cheer for this or hope for this. This could if it happens have a lasting effect on future presidencies to com. This is a bad idea, no matter how much I dislike Trump. Let’s hope Interpol keeps it’s collective head about it.

one tyrant trying to arrest another tyrant. i guess we have to support our tyrant no matter what.

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You weren’t cheering for Obama to be arrested when he droned al-Awlaki? Why not? Oh yeah, you only want your political opponents jailed.


iran has gone full-on dimocrat at this point.

Let us know how it works out.

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Hooray for Iran! Kill them American troops in Afghanistan, am I right?

did any country issue an arrest warrant for obama?

TDS knows no national boundaries.


There are a lot of reasons why this won’t happen, and probably even more reasons why it shouldn’t happen.

who said anything about supporting killing americans? you jump the shark there.

The same folks who call terrorists “freedom fighters.” :wink:


Sounds good to me. Hand him over.

Good luck with that.

I agree. I doubt that New York is going to give him up to anyone else especially another country.

wow, rooting for a terrorist who was proficient at killing Americans. How dare the President kill a terrorist! Try him!

who said anything about supporting killing americans? you jump the shark there.

Soleimani.killed American soldiers proficiently. So the op and you fit that category since Trump should be tried for war crimes apparently and you are all for it. The guy who was killed was a terrorist.