Iran admits they shot down the Ukrainian airliner

After days of denial, Iran has finally admitted they screwed up.

Iran announced Saturday that its military ‘unintentionally’ shot down a Ukrainian jetliner, killing all 176 aboard.

The statement came Saturday morning and blamed “human error” for the shootdown.

It would have come out sooner or later . . …

Blood on Iran’s hands.

Wonder if Families of those killed will take the Iranian Government to court for compensation. Seem’s everytime a US plane goes down, there are lots of lawsuits and lots of payments. Wonder if the US is still holding any Iranian assests that could be diverted to the Families (when they win court cases), or if Obama returned it all.

That their military is that incompetent?

Just as incompetent as the United States Military.

Remember Iran Air Flight 655.

Looks like the United States and Iran are even on this point now.

And both their militaries have ****** up on this.

Hard for the United States to stand in judgment here.


The July 3, 1988 downing of Iran Air flight 655 by the U.S. Navy remains one of the moments the Iranian government points to in its decades-long distrust of America

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1988 technology vs 2019 technology.

Hell just look at your phone :smiley:

Match’s the color of the blood on the United States’s hands.

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Well then that’s ok then…:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

1988 technology vs 2019 technology.

Or maybe Iran is still using 1988 technology.

That is no excuse. A civilian airliner is a civilian airliner. We should not use that weak excuse to try to claim a lesser liability for our actions than Iran has for their actions.

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Just pointing out your aricle is about an accident in 1988.

What was the technology then vs technology now?

US screwed up and was incompetant in 1988.

Iran screwed up and is incompetant in 2019.

40 years US hasn’t been incompetant apparently

Apparently both are prone to human error…

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The USS John S. McCain playing chicken with freighter. Another ship doing the same thing.

The United States is up to its neck in military incompetency.

How about a whole line of useless vessels, i.e. the LCS.

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WIth your article,

40 years ago US was prone to human error.

This week Iran was prone to human error.

Different subject matter.

and the LCS - isn’t that congresses doing?

And a $13 Billion Aircraft Carrier that STILL cannot launch and land sorties and thus is still a paperweight.

We shot down a civilian aircraft.

Iran shot down a civilian aircraft.

Bottom line is I will not judge Iran any more harshly than I did the United States. I judge both equally guilty for their respective acts.


The Navy asked for and had a huge hand in designing the pieces of ****. They own them and the responsibility.

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40 years ago with different technology

shot down this week.

Apples to oranges unless you are suggesting Iran is using 1988 technology.

Not apples to oranges.

Dead humans to dead humans.

I will NOT carry the United States Government’s water on this issue. That incident could have been avoided. I will NOT excuse the deaths or try to rationalize them.

The victims of both accidents deserve more respect than that.