Iowan Dustin Honken is set to be executed today (Federal execution 3 of 4)


The five victims for whom Honken is being executed. The Duncans were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, the daughters being 10 and 6. Honken and his accomplice entered the house to force Nicholson to make a false statement on video absolving Honken of participating in drug manufacturing and dealing and to murder Nicholson to keep him from testifying against Honken at a pending trial. DeGeus was murdered separately a few weeks later.

The Supreme Court will likely wipe out any stays without comment as they did for the previous two executions. To this point, no last second objection has arisen.

I expect execution 3 of 4 will be carried out on time this evening.

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Judge Chutkan declined to issue a stay a while ago, meaning that this execution should proceed at its scheduled time this even.

Dustin Honken was executed earlier this evening. No last minute filing at the Supreme Court even occurred.

No tears shed here.


This is 15 years too late.