Iowa wastes more taxpayer money


Gremlins ate it.


No it doesn’t.


Who’s womb is it inhabiting?


Yes it does hence all the discussion of same and laws regulating abortion.


Right, because “occupy” only has a military connotation. The fetus is occupying the woman’s womb. Quit being a ■■■■■■■ contrarian just for the sake of it. Don’t to have some fake Soros quotes to spread somewhere?




a constitutional right.

Have at it to try and amend the constitution.



You choose your words for effect.

If you can’t handle being called on it, don’t post.

A baby resides where it is conceived and implanted unless and until it comes to term or is removed.


Funny how all these Cons are so gung-ho in their support of Israel - a country with extremely liberal abortion laws.


which makes it our business.

No it doesn’t.


And I didn’t use it in the military sense, so you’re calling out nothing. If a woman doesn’t want another human occupying her body, taking her bodily resources and imposing a risk to her health, she can expel it unrestricted up to viability.


and a country which kills 8 month old babies


As I said, this is a GAMBLE, by Iowa Republicans. Gamble’s can be won or lost. :smile:


That’s simply sick.


Inspiration can come from strange places.

Like defense attorneys, abortion doctors do unpopular work to protect a Constitutional right, and that deserves everyone’s admiration.


This is where these discussions on elective abortions go into the Twilight Zone. Where is it in the constitution where person A can end the life of person B, for the sake of person A’s convenience? Because that is the way people look at abortion.

Everyone has some point during the pregnancy, where that fetus is a human baby, a person, and they have the right to life. The twisted way these discussions go, is when one person ridicules another, for disagreeing when the fetus becomes an actual person worthy of society’s protections.


Good post.


Even Iowa AG won’t defend this POS legislation.



You came into this thread behaving like a jerk – not to discuss the OP but to chastise people for discussing something that’s happening in Iowa. And you have the nerve to tell someone to “go troll someone else?” Your’e the troll.



It is officially ON. :smile:

The ACLU of Iowa and the Planned Parenthood Federation of American have jointly filed a lawsuit in the Polk County District Court of Iowa. (Polk County is home to Des Moines.)


i wish there was a way to make the idiots that voted for this law personally financially liable for teh cost of the lawsuit against it. (i know its not possible)