Iowa (not) Tonight: Predictions

I want to frame this forever. It’s my favorite post. :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

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should have finished with…

“Badumpbump…I’ll be here all week!”

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It’s gold, Jerry! Gold!

Because one has to fully support one party,
there is no such thing as independent voters…

If i’m left I must fully support the Democrats!

31% in round 2 would be better than expected.

probably. but then what happens after the long knives come out for Bernie. Dems do not want him. Neither does wall street

I didn’t see that they had Biden up the last I checked thanks. I think it was pledged delegates I was looking at I hate caucuses.


You forgot to add the usual from both parties “Iowa doesn’t mean that much anyways”.

There was this poll out of nowhere that came today, that showed Mayor Pete in first place. “Democratic group Focus on Rural America by party pollster David Binder”… No clue if there is any merit to it.

Mayor Pete - 19
Bernie Sanders - 17
Joe Biden - 15
Elizabeth Warren - 15

too late really.

Bernie wins tonight.
Bernie wins NH
Liz drops out
Then we have 2 or 3 so called “moderates” splitting the liberal vote while bernie gets all of the leftist vote.
SC: likely Biden hangs on but he’ll be limping and Bernie will be a close enough 2nd to set up a NV bloodbath with buttigieg still hanging on.

After that is super tuesday where bernie will get more delegates than anyone else and bloomberg will only take delegates from biden and buttigieg.

Queen Elizabeth, your queen.

If Donald J Trump were a king, he would not be involved in politics, like Elizabeth.

there might be. i would not be surprised! ha

lol… not after the caucus. its flyover country. bunch of illiterate rubes.

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I wonder if Adam Schiff and company are thinking this will happen tonight.

Dmitry tonight our immortal enemy in the west has their evil Democratic kazakhstan vote in америкосы. Comrade release the bots on the imperialists свинья :ru:

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Iowa and New Hampshire really need to take a seat.

I forgot republicans we’re running tonight as well in Iowa

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Seems to be a lot of confusion about the vote count delay

Must either be Russians or DNC rigging

Yeah I’m trying to stay up for the results but this delay is killing me!

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judging by the voter analysys on fnc, i’d have to say i’m a bit surprised,

klobushar and buddigieg may over perform. bernie under

Russians for sure see my post three up