Iowa (not) Tonight: Predictions

For what its worth. My predictions

Round 1

Sanders: 29
Biden: 22
Buttigieg: 17
Warren: 13
Klobushar: 13
Styer: 4
Yang: 2

Round 2

Sanders: 41
Buttigieg: 31
Biden: 28

I saw a similar poll the other day pretty much the consensus on here 1. Sanders 2. Biden 3. Either Warren or Buttigieg.

Interesting enough there was a poll just released that had Buttigieg in first and Sanders and Biden tied for second, no clue how reliable it was. In the last two weeks I think I have seen more polls showing Sanders in first place than not. Although fivethirtyeight is still saying Biden will win tonight.

the only thing that matters here, is who makes the thresh hold and who doesn’t.

If Warren eeks out the 15%, that changes things. Then, Biden likely wins round 2 and bernie drops to 2nd with warren 4th

When do they do the second round thing? Does that take place today or stretches out over many days?


Ah that’s good then.

Fivethirtyeight has Biden’s odds at 1/3, and Sanders a little higher with 2/5.

Yeah, if Warren makes 15, it will throw a wrench in Sanders chances. Biden will likely benefit.


Bernie: I won!

Biden: No you didn’t! I won!

Buttigieg: 3rd is the new 1st!

Bloomberg: Hey! I didn’t contribute to this chaos… pick me!

Warren: Lets all smoke a peace pipe… I win! Peace always wins!

Obama: Who are you? I don’t know these people!

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My prediction is that not many will watch and not many care. The left know the election is already over. :sunglasses:

They are all Globalist sell outs to the the American people with their open boarder human trafficking nonsense, free Healthcare for anyone who can cross the boarder. Time to vote out these people that funded Obama’s spygate and sold out the American people to make them selves rich like Bidens family.

why even have elections at this point just give Trump a crown.

i see you’ve been listening to “king trump” talk on cnn again

at least you didnt say hes just like kim jung un

or did you?

…and take it off of Justin’s head and make you cry? Never! :sunglasses:

seems reasonable but i wonder if buttygig does better than expected.

either way, 2nd place is the first loser.

Justin isn’t a king he isn’t even the most powerful person in Canada that would be Julie Payette his boss.

yes true!

Lemme guess…it’s different/?

what “Different” if I was American I wouldn’t support the Democrat either.
You seem to know little of my personal political positions.

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