Iowa House overwhelmingly passes felon voting rights constitutional amendment

The Iowa House overwhelmingly passed a proposed constitutional amendment that would restore voting rights for felons who have completed their sentences, a major step forward for one of Gov. Kim Reynolds’ key priorities.

I like this law. I also like the part about protecting the employers.

Now give them back their 2nd Amendment rights.

This is good news.

They already get their voting rights back in my state.


Mine too.

No love for the felons?

Felons are people too.

You can’t rush a good thread.

But it shouldn’t be a confusing process to get voting rights back. It should be automatic.

In California their voting rights are automatically restored upon completion of parole.

I disagree, respectfully. They lost them through their own actions, it won’t hurt them to put some effort into getting them back. Anything worth having is worth working for.

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Seems the bad ones get rushed pretty well.

There is an art in creating a compelling OP and thread title.

It also doesn’t seem right that it’s a patchwork of different policies across the states.

But I guess it’s a state’s matter and that won’t change.

I don’t art, can you teach me?

I can’t teach someone to be inspired.

Yes, it’s a state matter.


I agree with this part:

Many Republicans want to require complete payment of victim restitution, which can be tens of thousands of dollars, before felons become eligible to vote.

If your still paying victim restitution, you havn’t completed your sentence.

Rich felons can vote and pool felons cannot?

Please try. How about if I put “race” or “racism” in the title?

Politics don’t inspire me. Good horses, good whiskey and beautiful women do.

Point taken.

But something can take effort, and still be straightforward. Not confusing.

I started to read your link but got sidetracked. Maybe the article title overstated how confusing the process is in Texas.