Invoking hitler as a good example for homeless people?

Hitler is considered the “ultimate bad guy” in modern western culture.

I think that’s why most people go for Hitler comparisons.

But even still. Don’t do it. It’s dumb. No one will focus on what you’re actually trying to talk about. They’ll only focus on the Hitler invocation. It destroys the person’s own argument, no matter it’s merits.


Jesus is fine for the wider western culture. Outside of the most idiotic of atheists, it won’t land anyone in trouble.

But Hitler… yeah invoking Hitler is just taking a .44 magnum revolver and shooting yourself in the leg. Even if you just meant it ironically.

While that is the reality it really doesn’t make a lot of sense.

It doesn’t make sense at all, but it’s just the way the public square has developed around Hitler since the end of WWII.

For documentary purposes, Hitler is a gold mine. The History channel in the early to mid 2000s was basically known as the Hitler channel, since every documentary had something to do with the Nazis and Hitler himself. Same thing with Netflix too. Hitler ended up becoming one of the world’s most famous “TV stars” while also being the most universally despised person in all of human history.

Oh…. Irony… great.

Jesus would have totally been for criminalizing homelessness.

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No, but he would have been against homelessness. Could this be something along the lines of, we have places for them to go, make the camps illegal and they go to those places or to jail? Doesn’t that make them not homeless? I am fine with it as long as they are offering somewhere for them to go.

He actually was homeless, and told one man who wanted to follow him that he would be choosing homelessness. So, he didn’t see homelessness per se as a bad thing for some.

Some of those were responsible for many more deaths, but Hitler is officially the worst tyrant and mass murderer, so no.

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Was he though :thinking: Not going to derail the thread but I think Stalin gives him a run for his money for worst person ever award.

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Stalin and Mao easily beat him in my opinion. I’d bet 95% of humans have never heard of the Holodomor or Great Leap Forward.

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And it won’t work.

People can’t separate things when it comes to certain people.

Hitler did SOME positive things. So did most mafia dons, and even gang leaders.

Being willing to recognize something positive from an otherwise anathema person shouldn’t be a problem, but in today’s culture it most certainly is.

Yes, it doesn’t make sense. But there is a lot about our culture that doesn’t make sense. It’s the cultural ecosystem we currently inhabit. And the person who tries to defy the culture and stand out on the savanna is going to get eaten by the lions.

Gotta love when the lib anti-theists try to leverage Jesus.

Some of this reminds me of the opening of Dan Carlon’s Hardcore History series on the Mongols.

That eventually someone will write a history that punches up the good things about Nazis and minimize the mass murder.

It isn’t going to happen soon… but it will eventually happen.

I think you’re right. Some of the worst tyrants from hundreds or thousands of years ago are looked upon with reverence as “masterful tacticians/fierce leaders” and their awful deeds are minimized. Because of the desensitization of death and increasing misanthropy, I believe the time needed to get to that point is much shorter. In 50-100 years I could see a positive take on the Nazis in some form of popular media.
By popular media, I mean major studio movies, television, music, not bands with Odin or berzerkers on the album covers.

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Not with the left.

Some anti government healthcare people were carrying Swastikas to town hall meetings on healthcare under the overused principle that all my opponents are NAZIs. Pelosi just issued a statement that anti healthcare protesters are carrying swastikas, without explaining the context. While what she did was not strictly honest, it was pretty clever.

I knew a woman who got her teeth fixed under Hitler’s social programs. For the rest of her life she remained skeptical about anything negative said about him. Because “he” fixed her teeth. Sometimes it doesn’t take much.

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