Invisible Hand of Doom

The tax cuts are working their magic as we watch 2-3+% of our investments evaporate every other day. Has main street been left holding the bag again?

I have been keeping track. Donny doesn’t pump his rally crowds up with news of the Stock Market when it drops.

I wonder why that is?

If when it goes up it is all on him why not when it goes down?

It is perplexing…:thinking:

when was the last time fox and Friends brought it up? or sputnik?

I prefer the Obama bull market to the Trump slump.

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Dow down 1,200 year to date. Yuck.

It is not Donald fault that the market does not meet his requirements. When Obama left Trump, he didn’t have the tools he needed to work. Where is the wand? I bet Obama stole it. typical. I asked the stock market to stop falling until we figured out what happened. Someone must be trying to destroy Donald Trump because everything that Donald Trump did was wrong. I smelled a conspiracy.

Where is the wand to stop the Trump slump?

If Trump keeps up his protectionist policies during this significant downturn then, justifiably or not, he’s going to take the hit for these losses.

And last I heard, people don’t like losing money in the market.

I have to admit it is hard not to be annoyed after reading another news article about something stupid–my opinion–that Trump has done to our economy, and then seeing that the Dow dumped another 1.5 percent.

It’s hard not to see that having an impact on his disapproval numbers, which I consider the ultimate impeachment barometer.

And down more than 3,000 since October 3rd. The last two-plus months have been downright ugly.

I heard there hasn’t been a December this bad since 1931.

Thankfully, the “We need a businessman to run this country!” chorus is completely gone.

It was a dumb notion across the board and deserved its silent death.

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1980 but December still has 2 weeks to go more time for Winning

People are calling this the Most Dangerous December.


At least I know I’m not going nuts.

From the article.

“An earlier version of this article stated that it was the worst start to a December for the Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500 index since 1931, but the indexes narrowly missed that dubious distinction, paring their worst levels at Monday’s close. It remains the worst start to a December for the S&P 500 and the Dow since 1980, according to Dow Jones Market Data. The error has been corrected.”

oh no not nuts at all. CNBC headline/front page says exactly that

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Anybody see the irony in any of this?

Trump and GOP give major tax break to corporations.
Tax break helps keep market hot.
Corporations spend $1 Trillion on stock buybacks because of the added margin after taxes.
Market is now losing value.
The value of those stock buybacks has correspondingly lost value.
Much of the money given away in tax breaks has literally disappeared.
You and I will pay for money that, from a multiplier perspective, never existed on its first (and possibly last) iteration.

This is the fundamental weakness of supply sideism that gets proved over and over and over again.

If those breaks had gone to people with a high propensity to spend or consume, you’d get much greater multiplier effect.



In terms of my net worth, this downturn has made me forgo a NYC visit to check out my favorite band, simply because ten times the money I had set aside for it has evaporated.

I was also pondering a month-long international trip. Not a great benefit for our economy, but that’s gone, too.

Not complaining. My reality is I’m going to spend as little as possible until things turn around.


5th dimensional thinking

This is what happens when you choose racism and fear of brown people over sound economic stewardship.

Thanks Trump voters.