Investigator details alleged North Carolina election fraud scheme

“We believe that the evidence…will show that a coordinated, unlawful and substantially resourced absentee ballot scheme operated during the 2018 general election in Bladen and Robeson counties,” North Carolina Board of Elections executive director Kim Strach said in her opening statement."

“McCrae Dowless hired workers that he paid cash to collect absentee requests, to collect absentee ballots and to falsify absentee ballot witness certifications. McCrae Dowless paid generally $150 per 50 absentee ballot requests and $125 per 50 absentee ballots collected,” Strach said.

“There were also actions we identified that were actions taken to hide this conduct from the Board of Elections and from the greater public. And that small batches of these ballots when they were collected were taken to the post office, limiting the number that would be received by the Board of Elections. There were efforts to ensure that ballots were mailed at a post office that was geographically close to the voter, and ensure witnesses signed and dated the same date as the voters signature they had signed the return envelope,” Strach said"

That folks, is voter fraud. We finally found fairly substantial voter fraud and it’s in NC. People were paid to do this stuff.

I guess it’s not surprising we’d finally find this stuff in NC. They seem to have all kinds of voting stuff going on (closing polling places, closing early voting dates, etc).

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Bump this thread until forever. Don’t let it sink into the abyss of hypocrisy.

I’m glad that the people so concerned about voter fraud did not jump all over this thread. It confirms what I’ve always thought.


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Conservative powers of projection grow stronger every day!

Yeah finally proof actual vote tampering, payment and all and its done by Republicans :rofl:


Real cheating.

My guess is Republicans will obsess on Jussie Smollett, AOC and Beto.

It actually makes sense.

And of course republicans will reply that they feel it is actually dems that commit voter fraud and to them that is more believable than actual proof of voter fraud by republicans…

Thanks Republicans for pointing out election flaws before the dems could use them to taint an election.

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This seems a dead issue around here (so many other keys to chase).

I heard McConnel on C-span this morning talking about this issue. He blamed dems.

He pointed out how dems claimed there was no voter fraud and yet here was proof.
He only mentioned that repubs were apparently helped by this but avoided pointing out that repubs had been the ones to do it.

We don’t need to worry about CNN spinning the news. It comes in pre-spun.

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They can’t win without cheating.

Priceless. And the base will believe it.

They might but it seems they watch FOX instead of C-span to avoid getting edited news.

It’ll be interesting to see if it becomes a talking point. I loved the ‘fact’ that this was proof dems were wrong about voter fraud.

What about California, what about a Texas, what about in Florida where the vote for republicans kept getting smaller and smaller and smaller. Oh and if anything happened in North Carolina that’s bad I’m against it but we’ll see.

McConnel is the single worst human being to ever be in American Politics, somehow managing to top both Newt Gingrich and Donald Trump.

It’s amazing to me that someone whose that shamelessly hypocritical somehow still has enough of a soul to power that shambling wreck of a body.

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The thing that will always come to my mind when McConnel’s name is mentioned is his refusing to even talk to, or give a hearing to Garland Merrick.

It’s also the first thing that comes to mind when he’s whining about obstructionist dems.

At least the voters of this district are spared the cheater running again.

It seems unfair to have another election. All that coordinated Republican voter fraud, cheating, and vote rigging. The fairer thing would be to strip the cheater and award the election to the next highest vote winner.

But this is NC and apparently it’s run by crooked Republicans.

Dowless just got indicted. Absentee voter shenanigans and multiple counts, including felonious, of obstruction of justice.

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