Invaders on a hunger strike in Jersey

Why do I call them invaders? Because the term “illegal alien” Offends the wokies. And calling them “immigrants” offends me. So I settled on Invader.

So it appears that they will hold N.J. hostage and threaten to starve starve themselves unless they are given tax payer money. As we already knew, many people came here simply to be put on public assistance. It looks like there are three ways to handle this.

  1. Deport them. Let them starve themselves in Guatemala. We don’t owe them a penny. This is my favorite choice.

  2. Ignore them. Let them throw their fit. If they don’t eat, that’s their problem.

  3. Give in to their demands. I kinda like this one too. When word gets out among the invaders that Jersey is willing to throw money at them. Many, many, many more will flock to New Jersey to cash in. I would be okay with that. N.Y. already wants to send them checks for $15,600. So please do it. Attract as many to the North East as you can.

What option do you like?

New Jersey: Illegal Aliens on Hunger Strike to Win Taxpayer-Funded Benefits (

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Pretty sure I am going to wake up and find the last decade or two has been a bad dream.

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Yeah. I’m waiting to see this guy.


New Jersey will surrender and simply hike the taxes on actual citizens to pay for it. That’s what happens when you vote Blue. In WHAT other nation would this be acceptable? Even the Canadians actually have strict immigration laws.


Yeah. The problem is that taxpayers are fleeing this hellhole and N.Y. at a record pace. Biden will have to send them YOUR money.


So if they are employed and pay employment tax, should they not be eligible for unemployment benefits?


Because their having a job here in the first place is illegal.

Also. I can be denied those benefits because I was late for work and got fired… yet you guys want to give those benefits to people that breaking and entered our borders? Hard pass.


They are in the states illegally. If you or I was in another country without a visa we would get thrown out immediately, even Western Europe woke up a year ago on this issue and put the breaks on this, we are slow learners.


I prefer option 2.

We won’t have to waste any money deporting them and after they starve to death they will have self deported.

I vote for your option 2 myself. Ignore them.

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I choose option #2. It’s like a little kid when they don’t get what they want. “I’m not using my pillow!” That’s supposed to make us feel bad. You don’t want to eat? Don’t eat. I suggest a water strike, they’ll get results faster.


Let them eat dirt.

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Deport them to Joe’s home in Delaware and set up camps for them in his yard. When it fills, then start with Joe’s neighbors’ yards. Let them starve there as a monument to lib stupidity and virtue.


Who gave them that job?

People still have hunger strikes? I vote option 2.

There’s no other country that’s going to let you enter illegally then collect tax benefits (lest you throw a tantrum). They may be paying taxes but that’s a work penalty folks are used to and in no way guarantees any one of us getting unemployment benefits, either. So no. I’m sorry about your luck…no actually be thankful you’re here working but don’t expect to get the gravy that’s reserved for citizens.


Yes!!! They should be paid as much money as possible. I think N.Y. and N.J. should offer large financial benefits to invaders. Pack in as many illegals into these two states as possible. This will definitely improve the quality of life for the citizens. The people voted for this. Let the people have it.


Maybe that would get them out of places like TX. :+1:

Let them move into his house as well.

Yes! They should offer sanctuary and cash to all.


That’s the ticket! :grin: