INTO DARKNESS: New Blackouts Hit Venezuela, ‘Tsunami of Violence’ Reported Across the Country

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A series of crippling new blackouts struck Venezuela Monday and Tuesday, with multiple reports of violence and looting across major cities as residents struggle to find food, medical supplies, and other basic necessities.

“In the second city of Maracaibo, the crippling blackout sparked a terrifying rampage that police seemed unable to control,” reports the Guardian. “Some liken the damage wrought on Venezuela’s second city to a natural disaster.”

“Most, however, describe the mayhem in psychiatric terms: a collective breakdown that shocked this lakeside city to its core and offered a terrifying glimpse of Venezuela’s possible future as it sinks deeper into economic, political and social decline,” adds the author.

“Horror, fear, despair,” is how one local resident described the political and social chaos. “I thought it was the start of a civil war.”

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