Interrupting tropical weather updates for a minor metrication observation

While observing Dorian and the current system, just noticed something this is a microcosm about how screwed up this country is in regards to metrication.

Something most people would not be anally retentive enough to notice. :smile:

5:00 PM EDT Thu Sep 12
Location: 23.7°N 74.8°W
Moving: NW at 8 mph
Min pressure: 1008 mb
Max sustained: 30 mph

That is from the current system.

Note that the forward movement and wind speeds are given in English units, while the barometric pressure is given in Metric units.

While I do appreciate the usage of Metric units for the pressure, certainly simpler than the English version, at some point, we need to go all in.

We lost a major Mars probe because of our wishy washyness regarding metrication.

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aviation is another perfect example, its a mix of English units, metric, and old school sailing units. and that is just in 1 country. there have been documented crashes because altimeter settings and altitude clearances were misunderstood from metric to SI

Australia has been metric since the early 1970s. In 2019 you can listen to 18 year old apprentices talking about kicking clear in the last furlong. Also, in harnessing racing we still use mile rates.

The English still allow pints for beer, but that is about it. :smile:

I work for a transnational. Worldwide, almost everything is metric, but then we must convert to English units for domestic United States transactions. It is a major pain and sometimes causes confusion.

I am always amused that Americans say someone’s weight just in pounds rather than stones and pounds. E.g. 217 pounds rather than 15 st 7 lb.

If you want to fall into a youtube wormhole just watch some videos of Europeans trying to deal with our conversions.

Metric almost had me, then I heard they went and redefined themselves a kilogram.

Unit conversions. ■■■■ unit conversions. Half of American engineering is ■■■■■■■ unit conversions.