Internet rudeness. What's your theory?

Everyone is aware of seeming normal, every day people who can turn into total jerks when hiding behind a gadget. It seems that once eye contact is no longer involved rudeness rules. And false internet bravado is the dominating force. An inconsistent and a bit cowardly way to behave. What is behind it? Here are my questions.

  1. Do you communicate differently when behind a gadget then if you were speaking face to face?

  2. Is this inconsistency healthy for individuals or America in general?

  3. Do you try to stay consistent.

  1. Sometimes

  2. I didn’t have a problem with it until some started taking as gospel what user: Bigdaddy50210 and others had to say. We used to understand the internet if full of trolls. The old saying “Don’t feed the trolls” doesn’t apply as much as it used to and there is a big portion of people on Twitter especially that will take peoples ramblings and say “See this is what ‘x’ group really thinks”.

  3. On this platform yes although on Twitter I occasionally throw :bomb:’s

Number three. I try to stay consistent. Sometimes I fail. Some people don’t even try. The world would be better served if they did.

With respect to 1 I express myself in similar tone, vocabulary and respect.

2). The lack of respect, empathy and compassion is problematic whether on the internet or in person.

3). Yes I try to stay consistent.

Not even close. Nobody speaks to me in person the way people do on line. Regardless of the topic. The rudeness on line is extreme. Why do you suppose that is?

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I was speaking about myself. More generally I have seen some absolutely appalling comments on the internet.

Fair enough.

We don’t see a person, just a name, and expect the worst. Similar to how some drivers act. All they see is the car.

I would hope that if I met you in person I would conduct myself in a similar fashion to how I do on this forum when engaging in discussions here. My Aussie accent might possibly be a problem.

I like the ones that hide behind “manners” when their argument is doing an immediate face plant, or demanding manners from others while slinging around a lot of derogatory insults so automatically it’s oossible they don’t even know they are doing it.

“Self awareness in the Internet”, that might be a good topic.

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It might be. Are you going to start one? :blush:

And what about yourself? Do you behave differently when using a gadget?

I don’t think your accent would be a problem. I speak fluent Australian mate.

I don’t suffer fools gladly wherever I encounter them. So, consistent.

It might be a good topic. Are you going to start one? :blush:

You’re kind of off the mark. I wasn’t really looking for examples. We have all had plenty. Everybody already gets it. It’s more of a question than a judgement. So here’s mine.

And what about yourself? Do you behave differently when using a gadget? You didn’t give me your theory. :man_shrugging:

Ya I try to on this platform, bigger platforms unless one has a blue check mark beside the name half are throwing bombs and I would say a 1/4 of the people are taking them serious.

It’s more personal here, less people and I have gotten to know and respect quiet a few of the posters so I don’t think it is as widespread here as in the big social media platforms. While sometimes I play around here I never attack anyone personally.

People are more prone to be more blunt about their opinions when typing. Which can come across as rude.

And tone doesn’t come across well in text. I’ve said many a thing that were obvious funny sarcasm that I was laughing at in my head only to come back later and find that people thought I was being serious or rude because they didn’t take the tone of the text the way I thought it would be taken.

It comes across as rude because it is. There is no good argument for treating people worse when you are not looking them in the eye. None what so ever.

The biggest reason is the anonymity and the distance. We see each other not as people, but as false names on a computer (or phone). It dampens empathy.

There’s more to it than that, but that’s probably the biggest factor.

It’s simply the lack of fear of getting ones ass whooped. Everyone is 10 feet tall on the internet and has the only opinion that’s right.

The whole narcissist angle comes into play too. You can be the biggest ■■■■■■■ or the best nice guy. The ■■■■■■■ gets more likes.