International criminal court to investigate US for war crimes

The international criminal court has authorized looking into reported war crimes by US and afghan peronell as well as the taliban .
The ICC has said there is a reasonable basis to conclude that botht he US military and the CIA committed war crime
The trump administration has said it will deny visas to any ICC staff trying to investigate but that wont stop them from looking into it. I wouldnt be surprised if the ICC eventually brings charges against some US personnel and that they wyill at some time face an the judges in the hague.


War crimes, they say!


Didn’t they try that with Bush at one point concerning his wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?

He just ignored them.


Exactly! lol

“War Crimes” was all the rage for libs to parrot back then. It could make a comeback, and Karl Rove might even be indicted!


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What is really amusing is that the OP actually thinks our folks will be standing before a Hague court at some point. :thinking:

Definitely not gonna happen, and they don’t know the half of it either. :wink:

it took over a decade to hint down some serbians and arrest them for war crimes.
the ICC is patient…

Wishful thinking. :grin:


No President…Democratic or Republican…will ever let a single American actually get as far as being in front of a judge at The Hague.

You’re dreaming if you think that will happen.

Desperately wishful. :wink:

Yep, god forbid we get held accountable for our actions.

There’s no “we”. :wink:

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Privilege of being a world hegemon.

Yep there’s a we.

Yes you are correct.

And the pretty much official policy of the United States is any adjudication of US citizens in matters like “war crimes” will be handled by US courts, not the World Court.

And I don’t disagree with that, actually.

You’re just not a part of it is all. :wink:

Iraq was dumb enough to think they ever had a say in what constitutes a war crime as well.

Still a we.

Will Obama’s Nation building catch up with him?

Of course, just not as far as you’re concerned. The “we” are the people who participated.

You say, “I”. :wink: