Interesting new study on COVID

Super computer analysis proposes mechanisms that potentially account for all the symptoms…some normal for a respiratory infection, some more “bizarre”…and proposes many over the counter or easily available therapies…including Vitamin D…that might help alleviate symptoms.

Good nutrition should always be the first line of defense against illness.


Infowars has been advocating vitamin D, along with zinc, since the start of the scamdemic. Of course locking people inside away from the sun, which helps us produce vitamin D, as advocated by quacks like Fauci, has reduced citizens’ ability to beat all viruses, not just Covid.

One of Trump’s failures over 2020 has been in the area of promoting dietary sources of antiviral vitamins and minerals that would help the susceptible to build up their immunity.

Add to that exercise and I’m totally onboard with you.

Absolutely. There’s a lot of confusion on what constitutes a good exercise. There’s no need for someone to wear themselves out in order to get a good workout.

12 oz curls?

The key is to stimulate the muscles without putting them into a state of recovery.

Jumping to conclusions.

I read this earlier today. Two symptoms caused by Rona can be defeated with vitamins and steroids. If this study narrows the possible treatment options rendering them more effective when applied properly, that’s great.

Vitamin D and Zinc has been promoted since the beginning of COVID.

Trump had a lot of hope in Hydroxychloroquine and look at the controversy it caused.

After 40, I don’t recover as well as I used to, from alcohol anyways.

Start with one rep for the day. Do that for a couple of days then up it to two reps. 1% better every day.

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I’ve been telling people that it’s going to take another year or so to get a real good understanding of this virus. Which is why I find this particular conclusion from the article very appropriate:

“Covid-19 stands out for both the scale of its global impact and the apparent randomness of its many symptoms. Physicians have struggled to understand the disease and come up with a unified theory for how it works.”

By the CDC? Where?

I’m not sure that it was promoted by the CDC. I just remember at the beginning that and vitamin C was also being promoted.

Same. But after 40 I learned how to prevent alcohol from getting the best of me. :sunglasses:

At least Joe biden says that a national mask mandate is unconstitutional and he now would not sign an executive mandate.

…until someone loads the opposite onto his teleprompter.


Hmmmmmmm :thinking:

That would suggest that pretty much everyone here is physically fit. :wink: