Interesting Legal Question Here In Texas

Today I was listening to a interview with the Superintendent of the Dallas school district.
He said that he was now inclined to keep the physical schools closed. However he also said that under Texas state law, if one parent wanted to have their child attend school he is obligated to open that facility.
But he also said that by doing so the district could be charged with a charge of endangering a child.
He said that he had the legal staff looking at it. And I would suppose that they would get the state AG involved. But it seems to me to be a rock and a hard place that they didn’t expect.

That’s a tough position to be in.

Yeah. What gets me is that it only takes one parent to force that level of change.

Well that isn’t true. You can’t make a charge of child endangerment for simply opening the schools, that’s completely asinine.

Then please cite the law that makes it asinine. The Superintendent was pretty clear that he had a legal quandary in all of this.

It doesn’t work that way. There is no law in the state that would allow for a charge of child endangerment for opening the schools.

Maybe they should lock up the parent(s)? These parents should not be allowed to put their children at risk and put the school’s at risk.

The Flu kills more children than CCPV.

The least vulnerable of all people are kids under 18.

Well I heard someplace that two teachers at summer school contracted COVID-19. They are positive they got COVID-19 from a student. Schools put students and teachers at risk. Close all schools.

It was three teachers. And one died. Do you think that the schools should be closed?

While they are at it they should ban the flu too. â– â– â– â–  someone could die or something.


No â– â– â– â– â–  Do they know what student gave it to them? Maybe they can sue the student and his or her family.

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Let’s close the planet.

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@GrandWazoo this is some scary stuff. How many Americns are gonna die, Bro? I am â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  scared.

@GrandWazoo I heard someplace maybe CNN it is all TRump’s fault.


The child is in negligible to no danger from COVID 19. Read the science.

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How about there being COVID sanctuary cities. Anyone who wants to stay inside until potentisl death from COVID 19 is eliminated can move there, stay inside, and learn to code and to create online start-ups. The rest can go back to normal life.


I like this answer. It makes the most sense. Why should the district be charged with child endangerment? It’s the parent requesting and bringing the child to the school. They should be charged.

According to the article there were no students involved.

Synopsis of article: 3 teachers shared a classroom to teach online courses (no students present, or else writer left out a very significant detail), all three cought covid-19 and one died.