Interesting development for Angela Davis

Apparently, one of Angela Davis’ descendants on her father’s side arrived on the Mayflower, and a descendant on her mother’s side was a slave owner. Does this mean she will have to chip in on reparations?
Blackish Panther Angela Davis receives shocking news


It’s a wash! :rofl:


That was an amusing video clip lol.


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From your link…

Instead, host Henry Louis Gates Jr.

Where have I heard that name…

I kind of thought the same thing. :joy:

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Lol she was so devastated.

She should have realized earlier in her life that ancestry don’t mean ■■■■■ I’ve got a slave owning ancestor and two other ancestors who fought for the Confederacy.

Doesn’t affect me any. Because they aren’t me. And I’m not them. Everyone makes decisions in their lives. Hundreds of them every day. But those decisions die with them. The descendants aren’t guilty of anything.

That’s why the whole idea of reparations for slavery are so ■■■■■■■ stupid. We, as a society, don’t shoot the great grandchild of a murderer. He/she had nothing to what their ancestor did. Modern white people had nothing to do with any of the oppression and crimes that went down a century and a half ago. So why should they, through their tax dollars, pay for something they had nothing to do with?

Hell, my white granddad raised two half black people in his life. And in my adopted aunt’s case it was in the 1970s in Mississippi of all places. When the wounds of the Civil Rights Revolution were still fresh. He lost many people he thought were friends over that decision. He went from 1975 until about 1990 (right after I was born) not speaking to one of his older brothers because it took that older brother two decades to accept it and change his views on race.

Why should he have to pay reparations? The man basically ruined his own public image by choosing to adopt a biracial kid in the 1970s in Mississippi and giving her everything she needed in life. He could have taken the easy coward’s way out and hid her from public view. But he never did that. When he went to the local stores, she went in with him holding his hand. And he told me about the looks he got and how mad it made him. But he stood tall and didn’t take no ■■■■■ And he explained to her that those people were idiots and to pity them. Not hate them.


Everyone is a descendant of slaves and slave owners if you go back far enough.

Anyone with a European ancestor is a descendent of Charlamagne. Arabs and Romans brought African slaves to Europe by the Middle Ages, which means that every European is also a descendant of African slaves.

Obama beer summit. He was upset the police tried to protect his property. I had the same experience when I lived in a city. Locked myself out, neighbors called the cops when I did a window entry. They made me prove I lived there and then, I thanked them for looking out for my home. Gates threw a fit instead.

Heck how many of our black people descend from slavers, probably not more then white people, capturing and selling the slaves instead of using them doesn’t get a pass. Whole thing is retarded blood guilt though. I never had a slave.


Everyone is a descendant of slaves and/or slave owners.

But nice try.

I’m not sure what you mean by “our” black people, but I would guess the vast majority of the “African-American” population of the US are descended from the slaves - not the African “slavers,” who tended to stay in Africa.

By Our I mean US citizens, and your guess is worthless. Go back far enough and almost any lineage will include slavery, it was the human norm for thousands of years.

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In a more general sense, it’s absurd to me why anyone would think of this as some sort of “gotcha.”

Who cares? Aside from the registrar of the Mayflower Club, who gives a ■■■■■

Angela Davis’s mother grew up in foster care.

Your goddam government is based on equity now, so apparently some people care. Pay attention, you have bought into a racist ideology.


By all means, feel free to put forth an opposing hypothesis. Do you have any evidence to suggest that the descendants of African slavers represent a significant portion of the African-American community?

Well, we certainly have to distingush between chattel slavery and slavery in general for this to be really relevant, but even otherwise, I’d love to see some evidence for this claim, too.


Is this some sort of code?

What in the world are you trying to say? What does any of this word salad have to do with Angela Davis and her Mayflower ancestor?

Now he doesn’t understand institutional equity. Nobody should be buying that.

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Who are you talking to?

If you can’t figure that out you are wasting my time.