Interesting - Congressional Gold Medal Awarded to WWII Unit

Staying in your lane is important in life.

There’s things I know.

There’s things I don’t.

And there are things I have opinions on

And a few I don’t.


This thread is about the military. You are so far out of your lane you’re standing in oncoming traffic.

Just another wanna be seeking to claim similarity to those who can, who do, or who did. I don’t think he realizes that warriors go months routinely on deployment without civilian comms. Those pesky little cell phones can be intercepted and DFd. That leads to bad outcomes. His sense of self importance doesn’t allow him to comprehend adults who don’t live their lives glued to a hand held device every waking hour, and who, God forbid, actually interact in person with others…

There are such people?

Not in my world.


97% of American own a cell phone

Now for the 3% that don’t…


It’s a blessing and curse. Mostly a curse at this point thanks to social media.

Indeed. Access to instant communication is a double edged sword.


Owning a device doesn’t mean you live glued to it, or don’t go long periods without using it. Again your sense of necessity and dependence is flawed.

Back on topic please.


What do you think would be an appropriate way to recognize the contributions of the women that sorted mail during WWII?

I disagree with your assessment. Instant communication is a necessity in modern life.


Thank you. For making yet another case for the right to keep and bear arms.