Intel: Democrats seek path for Biden to close Guantanamo Bay after obstructing Obama

House Democrats have removed all provisions obstructing the President from immediately closing Guantanamo Bay from the FY 2021 Defense Appropriations Bill. If it survives House/Senate Conference, an incoming President Biden could immediately close Guantanamo Bay when he takes office.

After obstructing Obama for 8 years, House Democrats have taken a 180 degree turn to reach this point.

Hopefully this provision will be gone from the final bill and we can finally close down Guantanamo Bay, bringing those we wish to try to the United States for trial in the Article III courts and releasing all other remaining detainees unconditionally.

We should also immediately return Guantanamo Bay to the full sovereignty of Cuba.


Don’t forget to chip them on their way out.

Even progressive stalwarts such as Sens. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., voted against easing the restrictions in 2013.

This has to be wrong.

Who is setting the agenda in the Democratic Party now?

I agree @Safiel . How long have I been saying cut them loose? Turn them out, close it and give it to the Cubans.

I am not going to get into the whole agenda thing. I have ignored the “agenda” threads for both parties. :smile:

I would recommend moving the detainees to USP Canaan, located just northeast of Scranton, Pennsylvania. While Canaan as a whole is High Security, it has a Special Housing Unit that is Administrative Security and can easily take all 41 detainees if necessary. My Pennsylvania residence is not far west of Canaan, but I would have zero issue with the detainees going there.

This time…I mean really this time we are going to close Guantanamo.

Something changed democrat minds.

Just send them home. No need to transfer them anywhere. They’ve been locked up for 15 years.

What’s to keep Trump from closing it October 1st?

“I did what Obama refused to do.”

Obama was PREVENTED from closing Guantanamo by Congress.

The correct phrase would be:

"I did what Obama was prevented from doing."

Yet, it will still be refused. Is there anything preventing it?

This is one of those things that has turned into such a cluster it get’s complicated trying to remember how it all came to be.

Maybe/probably correct. Still the problem of the ones who no one will take.

Send to one of the 5 bases we just closed in A-stan. They’ll be fine.

We don’t have the issue of statelessness with any of the detainees at Guantanamo. All can be repatriated directly to their home countries, which are obligated to take their own citizens/nationals in.

Then let’s do that. My revenge lust is sated.

No, NO, and HELL NO.

These are NOT criminals, they are enemies. They remain enemies. So long as AQ or any of its off shoots exist and plot against the US they must be held. They do not get a trial, they have no day in court. Being an enemy of the US is not criminal, its a status. A status they claim and we affirm.