Insurrection that wasn't

Malice requires intent. Just stop.

We’ll see what the committee finds out.

no democrats over there seem to

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Everything is a process crime

Of course you do. One group actually destroyed government facilities and set up extra-government territory. A direct challenge to state and national sovereignty.

The other took selfies.


Exactly. It was also a snuff film. :fearful:

Malice is intent.

That doesn’t make any sense but okie

Yas i was editing.

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That’s a pretty delusional summary of events, but again - where’s the hypocrisy?


Of course.

In the support.

Well that just shows how solid our democracy has been for the past 140 years.

All it took to get canonized as an “attack on Democracy” was to be in a group of ■■■■■■■■■ who believed the rantings of a deranged lunatic, bat ■■■■ insane conspiracy theories, and apocalytic prophets.

Or as the GOP call them… “Our Base”

It is good news that that kind of psychotic lunacy wasn’t organized.


Sure it does. Everyone knows that John Sullivan the anarchist was directing the action and performing camera duty.

Now how does the cap PD shooter get his or her cue…action!! :movie_camera:

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This is some dramatization. You should work for investigation discovery.

Just putting together the puzzle pieces.

I tried to tell you.


You need a chalkboard and string

You mean Nancy Pelosi and her band of misfits?

And he does well to summarize his dramas in 294 characters or less…,for a guy who once said his thoughts were too complex to put into a Tweet.