Insurance company being really stupid, however, this time they picked on the wrong victim

United States District Judge Gary Richard Brown’s Brooklyn house burned down in April 2019. His insurance company, Allstate, has pretty much been ******* him at every opportunity since then. There is a reason why Allstate is universally panned as the worst insurance company in America. And they actually are trying to evict him from his temporary rental property, which evidently was the final straw for him.

Judge Brown filed suit in his own court, the Eastern District of New York. All his fellow Judges recused and so a Judge will be selected from either the Northern, Southern or Western Districts of New York or the Districts of Connecticut or Vermont. I can’t imagine even Allstate would be stupid enough to actually try to litigate this case. Personally, I would be bringing my settlement team.

Evicting a United States District Judge? Just how stupid can some insurance agents get.