Insider leaks trump’s private schedule

It looks like it’s the only promise fat donald hasn’t reneged.

Damn, he is doing something of value.

Although, it would be nice if he’d pay all those contractors he stiffed.

Don’t get me wrong, I still think he’s a con man who’s a clear and present danger to all citizens of the United States, but I’ll give him credit for this one.

I for one, feel safer knowing the Doofus is whiling away his morning tweeting on the golden throne, watching cable TV, applying makeup and doing his hair, talking on the phone crying about his fee-fees, and eating in bed.

Please don’t stop.

Imagine what he would have accomplished had he had any kind of work ethic.

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I don’t want to imagine.

Why hasnt trump shutdown the government over healthcare? Im just saying he promised that during his campaign also

Jonathan Swan at Axios is arguably one of the most connected reporters in DC when it comes to this administration. So it is not surprising he is the recipient of this leak.

Awesome. Executive time is watching news to see what they’re saying about him and tweeting.

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I’m still laughing that they had to make up a name for it, trying to fool people into believing he’s doing something.


Anyone doubting this should check his tweets and the topics on Fox and Friends. They often line up.

And Reagan is similarly a traitor?

I’m almost able to give Trump a pass on this. Being President is hard. Regardless if you’re a genius or a moron. But let’s not fool ourselves here. Trump isn’t passing the time studying policy, or researching intelligence briefs. Trump has his own style, and it doesn’t include what people typically think. His style is more personable (I guess) and less, hard core WONK stuff. Doesn’t it make it bad, not necessarily. But what we’ve seen so far (golf, reacting to news, tweeting), we can assume a few things about what he does all day.

Really? At least since WW2, the presidency has been a twelve hour a day job minimum. Trump is able to ■■■■ off for half of that because his administration doesn’t do most of the work they’re supposed to or the jobs were never filled.

Reagan in the early stages of Alzheimer’s worked longer hours.


If only because I recognize that he won’t change his behavior. Of course I’d prefer our president actually, I don’t know, actually want to improve and educate themselves. But that’s not Trump. We all knew Trump farted around most of the day. This isn’t surprising to me.

Story Reeks of Trump hating desperation… lol…

What about when something bad happens? You know, the times that try men’s souls and all that. “That’s our Donald, he’s just a dummy” doesn’t seem like it’s gonna be a great excuse when India and Pakistan are on the brink of nuclear war for the fourth time in twenty years, the State Department jobs that deal with them aren’t staffed and the president can’t find the countries on a map.


I will save you time, everyone but Trump is a traitor.

Only if “executive time” means sitting around watching tv or resting. That part is made up. What if executive time means learning facts and deciding issues? That schedule tells you nothing except that he isn’t at meetings all day, which he shouldn’t be.

This the risk we’re taking. This is what his supporters either don’t care about, or were too short sighted in their hatred for Obama/Hillary to consider.

Elections have consequences. In some cases it might be policy you don’t agree with, in this case, it could be the destruction of the economy or relationships with allies.

I don’t want Trump making these decisions. He’s woefully inadequate and unprepared to be in this position. He knows that, his supporters know that, everyone knows that. He shouldn’t even be allowed to visit the White House, but yet, here we are.

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