Inside the Minds of Bureaucrats

This is a fascinating glimpse inside the minds of the petty tyrants of the government bureaucracy. And the propaganda nature of the media.

The narcissism. The hubris. The disdain for “the lessers.” And it’s not just Fauci by any means; it’s practically a requirement.

Remember Strzok? He sued to get his position back (they aren’t jobs).

First we have the negative:

Then there’s the softer take:

Here, Fauci isn’t admitting he was “wrong”. He is blaming the “country” and the “world” for not being smart enough to understand.

And this is incredible:

“I just felt that there needed to be a story of people understanding what public health officials go through, but also I hope as a source of inspiration for young people who are either in science or interested in going into science,”

Ironically, the name of the documentary series is “American Masters”- true, but not the way they intended.

This is the petty tyrants of the bureaucracy on full display. Thank you Fauci.


Mass (D)elusion made Fauci the man is is today.


The system made him. Mass delusion he created exposed them.

COVID was very enlightening. We’ll forget.

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Indeed, because if/when it all falls apart, I’m now VERY well aware of what I can do to people, what I can force people to do for me, for practically nothing in return.

Personally, I appreciate the free class on ruling over and controlling stupid people. :sunglasses:


It is my sincerest hope that the world will one day wake up and understand that Fauci is the mastermind behind this virus, that he initiated, due to his conclusion that the scientific gain exceeded the risk of it escaping from a lab and he is charged with the murder of millions around the world. Everything he has done since January of 2020 is to cover his guilty ass.


Lmao there always has to be a supervillain.

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The arrogant son of a gun should be behind bars.

Excellent contribution and way to miss the entire point. Is it intentional? I wonder.

What law did he break? What law do any of them ever break?

Laws and bars are designed to authorize the bureacracy, not punish it.


Not at all but comments about Fauci being a mastermind behind the Covid pandemic are worthy of being called out

Yepp. Look at the nonsense with the ATF and pistol brace issue.

They are literally writing regulations with criminal penalties. Without any sort of oversight or input from congress. The people who are actually supposed to craft laws.

The bureaucrats are out of control. And congress is ultimately to blame. They are so ■■■■■■■ lazy that they just empower unelected bureaucrats to do their jobs for them with no accountability or oversight.


That is an interesting statement that I never considered. Thank you.

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Fauci was the “mastermind” of the US (and to some extent) world response to COVID.

And he funded gain of function at Wuhan through cut outs.

There is no doubt about either of those. Again, you are missing the point.


I think he continued the gain of function research (shipped it to China) even after it was supposed to be stopped.

I agree with the thinking of Rand Paul there.

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No i am not missing the point. He was one of the key players in the response but Smyrna’s opinion took it further than that

Possibly. Was there a law?

:rofl: Stop.

Sadly both of em missed the plot…one didn’t understand it and other poster used it to deflect.

Either way the system itself created Fauci, created Comey and Wray, created a system of untouchables as long as you toe the line. It protects itself.

The enemy at the gates is less feared…


…and there are those that can not see the reality of life right before their eyes which removes all humor.

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Do you mean like Trump?

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