Insect 'apocalypse' happening in the U.S

we are losing important insect like bees, butterflies, etc due to the increase in chemicals.

Using a new tool that measures toxicity to honey bees, the length of time a pesticide remains toxic, and the amount used in a year, Klein and researchers from three other institutions determined that the new generation of pesticides has made agriculture far more toxic to insects. Honey bees are used as a proxy for all insects. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency does the same thing when requiring toxicity data for pesticide registration purposes, she explained.

The study found that neonics accounted for 92 percent of this increased toxicity. Neonics are not only incredibly toxic to honeybees, they can remain toxic for more than 1,000 days in the environment, said Klein.

“The good news is that we don’t need neonics,” she says. “We have four decades of research and evidence that agroecological farming methods can grow our food without decimating pollinators.

And we just expanded our use of them by ending the ban that was on some of them.

No we didn’t. We pulled back on some restrictions on their replacements. Assuming you are talking about Sulfoxaflor. It isn’t a neonic, it’s a less toxic substitute for them.

Humanity is too stupidly short-sighted to survive itself.


I noticed a few years ago the lack of bees. Why can’t it be lack of mosquitoes, but no :honeybee: that we need.

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I never see honey bees anymore.

come to the Utah mountains. All we had camping was bee’s bee’s and more bee’s. Well and a couple of stray humming birds.

Good, insects are annoying, lol.

Food is overrated.

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bees are communist…

good riddance…


bee keepers have been talking about this decline for years

Yes, we can all come to Utah and feed nation from the abundant cropland’s there.

I thought bees were supposed to be the next great society?

How can that bee if they are all gone?

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I started a thread about the bees on the old board and one of the first responses was something like " ■■■■ the bees!!! I care about people!!!"

Did I read recently where the Trump administration has pulled funding into research on bees?

And almost certainly in the US illegally!

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And it would appear a few extraneous apostrophes as well.

Some are killers . . . and some, I assume, are good bees.

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My mistake. I still support STRICT controls on things effecting pollinators and remain skeptical of anything from this administration full of industry lobbyists and sycophants to a radical thoughtless president.

That has yet to play out. So far is it only one month of data collection and reporting, curious as the timing may be.