Innovative Solution



Maybe Trump can do something like this^^^

Build a cardboard cutout of a wall with cutouts of CBP agents.

This might just slow the traffic across the border.



5 billion would buy a lot of cutouts.


Put them on a swivel and move them around with ropes, like in Home Alone.


Hmm. They’re not half the men they used to be.


The solution is to enforce the laws that already exist but since neither side is interested in doing so, “we” are forced to build the wall.


Which won’t work and then we’re at square one but $5B poorer.


Maybe…but then you can point your finger, laugh, mock…ya know…the usual. So let’s build the wall.


We have lots of walls. We still have illegals (most come from Visas). We still have murders (most are by citizens). We still have drugs (most through legal ports of entry). And border crossings are at historic lows.

It’s idiotic and an absolute waste.


Yep…I don’t think you missed a lib talking point.


We talking about JQ?


They have cardboard cutouts of security guards in the front windows of a high dollar climate controlled self storage place near me. They look real LOL!


And you are unable to explain how a wall will solve any of what I pointed out.

Even just one. How will a wall solve any of what I said?


And in just-as-typical con fashion, with nothing to refute the facts, you label them “talking points”.


And paint tunnels on them. Splat!