Ingraham: ‘America We Know and Love Doesn’t Exist Anymore’ in Some Places, Look at ‘Massive Demographic Changes’


@zeitgeist you one of them race realists?




Then who is the “we” you refer to?




Well, this thread took an awful yet predictable turn.


I didnt expect anyone here to be so brazen about it though.


Perhaps you could clarify?


It’s just that sometimes Fox hosts blow the dog whistle a little bit too loudly.


I’m talking about life experiences and how those life experiences helped shape an individual’s world view. You seem to be intent on talking about glass skies, coca cola and fertilizer.


In the 1950’s, white peoples world view in the south was that segregation was acceptable and in some cases “God’s Word”. If those same individuals had those views today, would they be right or wrong?


Ok. If I have a world view that there is no god and you have s world view that there is a god, these views are mutually contradictory and both cannot be true.

Therefore, all views are not valid or equal.


You can’t change human nature or the course of history. Peoples of the world will interact and mix for as long as we are alive as a species.


Your fondness for European imperialism in Africa is tacit support for globalism, in a way.

Ethnic isolation is temporary, never permanent.


OK. Thank you for clarifying.


You still don’t seem to be following. There are billions of people in this world. Each one of them has their own unique view of the world shaped by their life experience. Their individual world view continues to evolve as they gain more life experiences.

With your response, you seem to believe there is a single world view that is valid and that all other world views aren’t??? That makes absolutely no sense.


Faith can help.


If you want to define world view as a collection of experiences, then I agree with you.


How would you define world view? Would you concede that yours is very different than mine? Is yours any more valid then mine is?


Again, it depends what you mean by the somewhat nebulous term, “world view”.


There is nothing nebulous about the definition. Ironically each forum member has their own view of the world and yet more than a handful believe it is their duty to tell someone that their view of the world isn’t valid.