Ingraham: ‘America We Know and Love Doesn’t Exist Anymore’ in Some Places, Look at ‘Massive Demographic Changes’


The same way it’s going to go for the libs.


They’re going to vote you libs off the island too. :rofl:


Can you be more specific? What colonies did they set up and where? As far as I know, the Protestants pretty much covered the field, starting with the Puritans and extending well into the time after the US became a country.


Are you saying that colonists in America didn’t commit treason against the British Crown when they took up arms against it?


White privilege history.


Absolutely not treason.




If you win, you conducted a successful revolution. If you lose you’re likely going to be charged with committing treason.


At some point can’t you put troll mode on hold and actually engage in a meaningful conversation rather than just dropping two word responses? You’re one of the more interesting and intelligent posters and this approach you’ve taken the last year or two is beneath you.


Of course it was. It’s not a popular characterization, but that’s what it was.


Not all revolutions are violent.


Had the revolution failed, I imagine the founders would have been charged with treason.





No. Declaration of Independence. And the english fired first. It was self defense.


Of course they would have, because they were British citizens who commited treason against Britain.


Not any more…they are going after that now too.


Great! Glad we both agree not all views are valid.


She did it in more than 14 Words.


English law didn’t allow for Declarations that made you not accountable to their government. They were traitors. It turned out well, and I’m glad they did it, but this attempt to whitewash history is ridiculous.


They weren’t English citizens after their rights were trampled and they Declared Independence. Massachusetts was attacked, they didn’t attack England.