Infrastructure Bill

How would this bill be changed to make it acceptable to my conservative friends.

How should it be funded?

This is what is going to happen.

Every single member of the GOP will work to get something for their district or State into the bill, vote against it and then go back home and tout how they are working for their constituents.

It’s a win/win.

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Limit it to a few trillion and only repair/replace/expand the following:

Communication Lines
Water and Sewage Pipes


Don’t women need jobs?

Not necessarily. There’s negotiations to be done here.

Sounds OK. How should we fund it?

Don’t know, but only focusing on those and nothing else would make me happy.

they always put some pork in to buy votes from senators or congressperson.

Yeah, I know. lol

If it just had those things, raising taxes to pay for it would be OK?

Nah, no need to. There’s plenty floating around for it.

Sorry, the hole is already way too deep for any amount of taxation to fix.

Fine. How else do you suggest?

Pretty much this. Not sure if he’s including broadband? That too.


Nicely worded OP.:clap::clap::clap::clap:

Don’t ask me, wasn’t my idea to spend our way into this pit. Ask the people who wanted to spend it anyway.

I’d be happy (to start) if there’s no funding for feminism in Pakistan.


We still have to fix it. Without a decent alternative, they will raise taxes on somebody for it.

Ok, that won’t cover much of it. What else?

What are you saying no woman work on these kind of jobs?