Infowars host ordered to sworn deposition in Sandy Hook case

Maybe he’ll finally get a chance to repeat, under oath, that families faked the mass shooting.

I’m sure he’ll also get questions about why some of his listeners are harassing a first responder and the families.

This is a bright spot in the daily deluge of crazy political news.

It is good that someone like Alex Jones is finally being held accountable for spreading dangerous nonsense.


Do we ever have links to Infowars here? I can’t remember.

I’ll sum this up very simply:

■■■■ Alex Jones.

He’s a steaming pile of ■■■■ human being and deserves every ounce of scorn heaped upon him.


Ah. But he, and any others like him, will continue to broadcast and spread false info.

He will state under oath that all he does is for his “radio persona”, pay whatever damages he’ll be hit with…

…and then tell his dwindling listener base he was coerced by the Deep State and decided to live to fight another day.

Yeah. That is a sick sad joke of it.

This is a “persona” that he puts on to make money.

I think he might be a sociopath.

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