Inflation Moderates: Fox News Ignores

thats good right. almost everyone can save money at the pump, to compensate other items that went up.

inflation is slowing.

and now come the rate cuts.


Can’t wait to read on here how the rate cuts are just a way to help the dem candidate whoever that will be in September.

Those were strange days.

I’ve never blamed trump for the spending he did during covid and have always said, he did a lot of good with it. As messy as the PPP was, it helped a lot of people keep their businesses afloat.

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Hat tip.

I too try to back-out COVID sending when I look at Trump’s record.
(He still fails the test as a fiscal conservative.)

Indeed, Jay Powell is hell bent on keeping housing prices where they are at . . . . and rising slowly, as if “price stability” means keeping tulip prices at the top of the peak, and “maximum eployment” means subisidize lending to the point where illegals are “needed” to fill jobs.

Definitely part of the problem.

I gess teh next question is . . . How did Joe Biden and Jay Powell get gas prices to go down?

  • Buld a really strong economy?

  • Allow the free market to build new refineries and new pipelines?

Or was it . . .

  • Sell off one-third of the petroleum reserve and never really replenish it?


Allow free market to reach record oil production.

That stupid Biden is buying it back at a lower price than he sold it. Profit?

Usually, the stronger the economy, the higher gas prices go. Falling prices might be a bad sign.

It definitely wasn’t that.

Yeah Allan … we can save 3.8% on gas on our way to pay 4.1% more for our food. :smirk: