Inflation is not bad for everyone

Congress and Biden appear to agree on a 4.6% Federal pay raise, primarily driven by inflation.

Lets see how that works out for a few people for the 2023 pay raise.

Chief Justice, +$13,200 going from $286,700 to $299,900.
Associate Justices, +$12,600 going from $274,200 to $286,800.
Circuit Judges, +$10,900 going from $236,900 to $247,800.
District Judges, +$10,300 going from $223,400 to $233,700.

Level I of the Executive Schedule (Cabinet Secretaries), $10,400 going from $226,300 to $236,700.

Your loss is their gain.


And there will likely be another windfall inflation year to follow up to this year.


Even the General Schedule should get a fairly decent pay bump, though probably not enough to make a difference in the lower grades and steps.

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Some of us received a 6.+% increase on our pensions this previous January. We may be getting 10% or better next year. :person_shrugging:

And Senior Citizens on Social Security?

I understand it will be a very significant adjustment. Don’t think the numbers are in place yet.

Bet it’s less than 4.6%.

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Believe it when I see it. I think illegal aliens will fair far better than Senior Citizens.

A 4.6% raise does not make up for 9.1% inflation.

And the Judges and Justices do not give themselves raises. Their compensation is determined by Congress and is automatically raised with respect to inflation exactly like other Federal employees, retirees and Social Security recipients.

Thread fails.

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With the average Senior on Social Security receiving around $1,400 a month a 4.6% increase would mean an additional $64 a month. Considering that gasoline has doubled in price and food has skyrocketed, it will still be a net loss of purchasing power for the most vulnerable in our society.


Your thread fail, fails

Yes, I know that their cola’s are automatic.

I was just using those offices as an example since they are at the higher end of the pay spectrum.

I was NOT trying to make whatever point you think I was trying to make.

All I was saying is that certain individuals will make an exception pay raise this year, nothing more.

Don’t read in what is not there.

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Any increase in medicare coverage will swallow that small increase up in no time.

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Pure elitest garbage. How many of them missed a check during the lockdowns they imposed?

Out of all the people in the world who deserve a raise, those ■■■■■■■■■■■ aren’t even on the list.


For real. If anything those fat cats need a pay cut.

They’re always talking about wealth redistribution. Alright let’s do it. Every congress critter can take a 50% pay cut and put it in the coffers for the rest of us.


I did read what was there. Yes, their COLAs are automatic, but they fall far short of inflation. There are NO winners in high inflation. And as I said (and you just acknowledged) the Judges, Justices and ALL of the other recipients of the COLA have absolutely no say in the matter so your ire towards them is completely misplaced.

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Don’t covet

It’s my money. Think it through before you post.

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Not once the government gets it. Don’t covet.

Again, you read something that is absolutely not there.

In fact, I think that Federal Judges, even with these pending increases, are woefully underpaid. In fact, these increases are just enough to make it worthwhile for an experienced attorney to make the jump from private practice to the Federal Judiciary.

A second year associate in Big Law is making the current money of a United States District Judge. A fourth year associate is out earning the Chief Justice. By their seventh year they have tied the President and by their eighth year they are closing in on Anthony Fauci.

Once they make partner, they are making in the top 6 figure range or low 7 figure range.

Class Year Salary
2014 $415,000 8th year
2015 $400,000 7th year
2016 $370,000 6th year
2017 $345,000 5th year
2018 $295,000 4th year
2019 $250,000 3rd year
2020 $225,000 2nd year
2021 $215,000 1st year

I used Federal Judges and Level I of the Executive Schedule merely because they demonstrated the actual scale of pay increases at the top end of the salary schedule. Not because I was opposed to the pay increases or their pay in general.

Now this statement is simply categorically false.

In fact, inflation, whether the normal day to day inflation that occurs or whether it has spiked high as it is currently, is a classic driver of so called “wealth inequity.” The rich benefit the most and also those, such as myself, higher on the income and wealth ladder It also can benefit people with large debt who can pay that debt back in cheaper dollars.

Of course, it hurts the poor and most of the middle class, although there are some at the very top of the middle class who might be financially skillful enough to benefit.

I have done very well during the inflation.

Now, to be fair, the Justices and Judges are likely not benefiting from this inflation overall.


Neither are they likely being seriously impacted. At their income level, they are spending a much lower percentage for consumer items and bills and investing more. So most likely, at the end of the day, they are breaking even.

None of that matters. They get paid commensurate with their assets they bring to the job … just like everyone else. And no matter how much they earn, if their COLA raises don’t match the rate if inflation, then they do not benefit from inflation. It’s simple math.

So what you mean to say is that inflation hurts some people more than others.