Inflation at a 40 year high

I’m fine. I’m not on defense.

I know right. Or pay billions of dollars for it!

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And the Ford ■■■■■■■


Got it. The economy was good but people still hated Trump.

Fee fees against their own best interest.


Sure. A vax that is good against the original but nor quite as effective against the variants.


Looking at poll after poll the economy and especially inflation has overtaken covid as the number one issue in America. Seems to be a disconnect as always from wall street to main street.


On rent, people generally sign a year lease, that drives down the increase. If you sign a new lease today you will be looking at roughly an 18% increase over a year ago but all the people still under their old lease had no increase, yet.


In my business we have been getting price increases on a monthly (sometimes more) basis. A 10% cost increase (not uncommon) is a whole lot more to the consumer.

The car side is pretty much entirely due to the chip shortage. New vehicle lots are nearly empty to maybe half of normal stock. Because of this used car prices have gone up quite a bit. I can get around 80% of what I paid for my 19 Ram Laramie, we just got 4400 for a totaled 11 Impala, dealers are screaming for used vehicles, every time one of our vehicles is in for service they are asking if I am ready to trade, or they would buy it outright.

Manufacturer’s are running out of space to store new builds waiting for chips, once this chip issue gets resolved prices will drop.

awe look at you, blaming economy issues on the virus

Caused by the chip shortage issues.


Wouldn’t bet on it, if sales are good at these inflated prices why would they lower them again?

The world shortage issues are due to the virus. Is it the sole thing driving inflation? I have no idea.

Probably just easier to blame evil opposition though…

Are you familiar with supply and demand? :rofl:

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Thing is they aren’t, can’t sell what they don’t have. Just took my car in for service, only 3 cars on the floor when is normally 6, on the lot they don’t even have enough to fill the roadside spots.

Correct, that plus demand is high.

I wouldn’t say demand is up enough to cause the price jumps. The price jumps are because there is no new stock coming in. If anything demand is down for new and up for used and even the used lots are getting less and less full.

def was in 2000

but you and i know better so nevermind