Inequality cannot be "Fixed"

Inequality is always going to be with us. I think there’s too much emphasis on it. It’s impossible to have equality, unless as in oppressive socialist nations where everyone is equally poor except the leadership who are fabulously wealthy & powerful.

Bill Gates created a company that made tens of thousands of his employees millionaires, provided a good incomes for tens of thousands more, & made himself extremely wealthy. He didn’t do so by taking it from poor people. I think many who talk about equality imply that somehow the rich robbed the poor or cause the poor to be poor or stay poor in order for them to become wealthy. It’s just not the case, with some exceptions of course.

The history of the flavor of “Equality” promoted by the socialists is abysmal, where everyone who is rich becomes poor, & everyone who is poor stays poor, but hey, they are all then equal! If that is what makes the socialists happy & that is their only goal is to eliminate the rich so nobody has envy of them & nobody can look at a rich person & feel they aren’t sharing enough, then they can accomplish that, but it doesn’t help the poor, the very ones socialism promises to help!

Capitalism has it’s problems, but it’s far better than socialism as an economic model because it is based on reality & human nature, not a utopian dream that can never come true because it is inherently flawed with no way to remove those flaws, which is it goes against human nature of wanting to improve one’s economic status therefore creating incentive, & that the history of capitalism is it creates a better life for rich and poor in most of the population, with a few exceptions of course.

There is no utopia, there is only the best system, until someone invents a food replicator that creates food from thin air, history shows us what works, & what does not. The socialists argue that inequality is bad & must be done away with at all costs. Is that including making everyone poor if that is what it takes to make them all equal? Or, is it better to do what works, what is reality, & what makes the poor (not all but most) better off?

Utopian dreams almost never end well. More often they end in extremes of poverty, oppression, genocide, imposed famine, wars, & slavery.


Where do we continue to struggle against inequality, and where do we give up?

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I look forward to poor rural people admitting that if they choose to live in poor rural areas with no industry or jobs that it’s no one’s responsibility to fix that.


Inequality is acceptable to the class with a full belly.


Inequality of what?

Which doesn’t mean we stop trying.

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Opportunity, for one.

Unless you feel everyone in America has an equal share of that, in which case disregard and accept the OP’s premise.

There is a level of it. Is it not enough? How are you measuring this lack of opportunity?



Ah, thanks. I call it “government”.

To my mind, not enough to throw up my hands and declare “Whelp, it’s the best we can do.” How about you?

I think it is enough. 12 years of educational opportunity. All kinds of job opportunity.

Opportunity has to be seized to work.

I have a sneaking suspicion it is being measured by outcomes.


I think the better question is, “Have we done enough?”

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Without a push towards fairness and equality we would never have

-eradicated slavery

  • given women the right to vote
  • enacted child labor laws
  • passed the Civil Rights Act
  • passed the voting rights act
  • ended anti-miscegenation laws

Come on man…



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The what do you suggest to remedy that?

Keep striving.

First step of that is to make people aware that inequalities exist.

Second step is to throw all Trumpists into concentration camps and seize their property.

(That’s a turkey day gift from me to you, big guy :star_struck:)


Nonsense - opportunity is everywhere. The problem is that it requires the individual to act; it does you no good sitting at home playing games and expecting success to fall in your lap. It requires you to exert an effort to succeed.

So if women and minorities have experienced inequality when it comes to opportunity, it’s due to a lack of effort on their part?

In most part…Yes.
Same as anyone else…this is 21st century.