Indiana Attorney general has law license suspended

groping a woman /misdemeanor battery 2 years ago
license suspended for 30 days

he needs to resign

For 30 days.

He should step down for back rubbing.

look, if you need to assault women but want to get away with it you’re gonna have to be a democrat.

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What ever happened to women taking care of this â– â– â– â–  themselves? One of them is a Latina, I know she knows how to handle it.

He’s a dumbass.

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serial sex offender donald j trump

he didnt do any such thing

see how msnbc and joy behar lied to you?

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Or you can be rich pretend Republican President and grab their private areas. Don’t you know, they let you.


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The Governor of Indiana has submitted a request for an advisory opinion from the Supreme Court Indiana as to whether he can permanently replace the Attorney General when his law license is formally suspended on May 18.

Currently, the Attorney General is going to take a sabbatical during his suspension and leave an Assistant in charge of the department.

If the Supreme Court says no and the Attorney General refuses to resign, impeachment is the only other option.

Rising star in the Republican party? Never heard of him. Hope he resigns.

he didnt do any such thing that you know of, and def not while he was president

I think he should resign too but is your suggestion consistent for both sides of the aisle or just an R?


Sure he didn’t. You keep telling yourself that.

I would say he can forget that “rising star in the Republican party” bit.

He hasn’t “risen” very far though. This is the first article I have seen about him.

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If you want to go down that line for the 2020 election, you should have been more careful about whom you nominate.

I didnt nominate anyone mate.

:rofl: That lie still doesn’t work. If you are a young good looking Donald J Trump “they let you.” You might be permanently offended because he is president now, but there is still no offense when your partner is willing… it doesn’t matter how many times you repeat it.

With a billion dollars…

Yes. A billion dollars to boot. :smiley:

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what i tell myself is that i dont care about his private locker room talk years before he ran for pres

you wouldnt either if it werent for “news” narratives