India covid catastrophe

India is facing a major crisis. Lack of medical resources, oxygen tanks and respirators. Many dead and sick in the streets. Their government let their guard down and play down the pandemic. I work with many Indians both in USA and in India. They are terrified.

I hope that scenario doesn’t come here. Be safe.


The makeshift crematorium pictures are truly horrific. I also work with many Indians in my industry and worry about them and their families. Give the conditions in that country, covid is a match tossed into a dry cornfield.

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That’s the kind of thing that happens in over crowed third world countries. Crowed countries are miserable countries. All of them. We seem to be in a rush to crowd as many people in here as we can. Bad idea. Really bad idea.


Tune into NDVT Live of Youtube to get a deeper dive. They’re a fair network and taking the government to task. One state down south had foresight and added oxygen plants a year ago. They’ve stockpiled oxygen and helping other states out.

A mess.

There are 40 million AstraZeneca doses in a freezer a few miles from where I sit. They should be shipped to India tomorrow.


Indeed. And I think they have a lot of doses there too!

As well as when first world countries taking away their brightest draining them of their physicians and IT workers by importing them to the west.


Great point. They leave behind only the corrupt and inept.


They have the vaccine too.

Nothing else should be expected from Modi, the BJP or the gods-awful Hindutva movement.


Do they?

I think AZ makes some in India. Not 100 percent sure. They still don’t have a billion doses. We should ship them ours if the U.S. doesn’t want it.


If they don’t, it’s their own fault. Just like how they still breed like puppy mills with over a billion people crowding the place up.

I’ve never been, but I understand the place is an open sewer. And we are always the people who get blamed for pollution. Makes no sense. No accountability for them what so ever.


India is overpopulated and very dirty. I hate to say it but it’s true. The people are kind but very tribal. The caste system is disgusting and big rape problem. It’s a beautiful country but they need a lot of work.

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Countries like them are the reason trash like the Paris Agreement are just that.


Catastrophic event like this require government leadership. India government hasn’t done anything to facilitate or help their hospitals and people. They need to be held responsible.

Yet another example of looking to government instead of taking action by free will.

Not to mention no small amount of them practice open defecation.

Hard to figure this one out.