Independence Day!

Happy Fourth Of July Everyone! I’m Proud to be an American, and live in a country with so many freedoms! At least for now, until the Socialist left wing Democrats try taking that from us.
May Freedom always Reign in the United States Of America!

Shouldn’t this thread have the National Anthem and some (aural) fireworks? :slight_smile: Happy Fourth, y’all. And stay safe.

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Must you politicize everything?

Maybe this will make you happier.

This year’s A CAPITOL FOURTH streaming live on that evil liberal PBS. :slight_smile:

I’m just saying. Freedom isn’t free. How many rights do we have now a days with the liberals trying to take them all away? I just would prefer for Americans 4 or 5 generations down the road to be able to enjoy the same freedoms, and Holidays that the rest of Americans get to.

True independence is not being a slave to political ideology and partisan politics.

Happy 4th!

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Very nice. You put me down first, and say I’m pathetic, and then contradict yourself by preaching to me about being a slave to political ideology? Nice! lol
Happy 4th to you also.

Stay safe, and don’t do anything illegal that would get you into trouble, like illegal drugs.
Like Jimi Hendrix did, and madasheck posted him on here. lol.

How did I contradict? I’m not affiliated to a party or stuck in this liberal vs. Conservative street fight you guys like to have on this board every day while defending your lord and savior in the white house.

Now kick rocks and enjoy the fireworks.

In my state, marijuana is now legal. So you might want to come to California. :slight_smile:

So you mock Trump, and yet you’re not affiliated with any side really politically? That makes 0 sense. Owe, and by the way, I don’t blindly follow Trump and support him on everything he does. I think you’re thinking of the other people that do that, that follow him.

They weren’t in Jimi’s day. I’m already in a liberal corrupt state and it sickens me enough. I don’t need to go to an even bigger one that’s liberal. I don’t think I’d even want to ever go to there visit. lol.

My little towns fireworks were yesterday. So may you enjoy the fireworks tonight.


We don’t believe you…you need more people

Happy 4th!

cat got your tounge? You see thee major difference between me and most of the Democrats on here is that I actually try and live up to what I’m saying, and I’ll show you proof also. lol.

Happy 4th?

So then, in the spirit of partisanship, how do you feel about Trump threatening the free press and the 1st Amendment?

How did he threaten the press? By calling them on their bs again? How about the 1st Amendment?

Stop feeding the troll of an OP.

Happy Independence Day! :us: :us: :us:

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But then again, if you pay any attention to news, you already knew that. There are plenty…