Incredibly slow load time/Error code: 521 No Reason Phrase

Every since yesterday this site has been almost completely unusable. Load times are incredibly long, but most the time I’ll just get a Error code: 521 No Reason Phrase when trying to access any page.

Is the Hannity Forum getting DDOSed? Is there another explanation that makes sense? If this problem isn’t solved it will most likely be the straw the broke the camels back for a lot of people. I don’t think Sean Hannity appreciates having a message board that has these kinds of problems. This will drive away a lot of the ad revenue that comes with having an active message board.


No replies. It must just be me.

I was getting the same error this entire afternoon but it appears that it’s back to normal.

Yes. Yesterday was worse IMO.

I just hope this isn’t a trend.

Hi everyone, this has been fixed.


Thank you, Admin!