Incoming lawmaker says her Breonna Taylor mask has colleagues calling her Breonna

These are the people being elected to run our country.
I hope that they start reading/looking at the news.

If it said George Floyd they’d be calling her George.

Must be “racists”.

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Isn’t that the case where boyfriend shot first and somehow did not get hit by return fire.

Sad all around.

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No. Just idiots.

Or a simple gnemonic or casual nickname or other identifier that a precious little snowflake took as a “microagression”.

We’ve seen enough of that.

If it was on purpose, you could argue it was racist. If it was a mistake, they are idiots.


Ah, the newest member of The Squad.

I didn’t see where she mentioned of which party. She’ll learn.

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I don’t think you know what a mnemonic is.

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I do. Sorry I spelled it wrong.

Looks like the Pelosi party for incoming members of congress just go called off.

Imagine telling families not to hold Thanksgiving and then decorating the halls for a victory lap. Come. On, Man.

She and the mayor from chicago are cut from the same moldy mold.

I hope that new members of congress resist corruption and catching the "do as I say, not, as I do mentality. " Capital hill no longer works for the people.

No - you don’t. A mnemonic is a a device employed to jog an accurate memory.

Looking at a mask that says “Breonna” and calling its wearer “Breonna” is the opposite of a mnemonic. It’s like telling someone that the colors of the rainbow are actually ROY G BIV.

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She will learn how to get rich one the tax payers dime, that is for sure.

Who is a racist, who is an idiot? I am not understanding what you are saying.

@Camp innocent people are victim of criminals. One might ask, "why she associated herself with the guy who shot at police? ". It is so sad. I would not allow Criminals and shooters in my home.

Of course I might be victim of a random drive-by or crossfire when gangbanging scumbags shoot it out.

No one is truly safe. Society is really getting bad.

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I this she wanted to identify with Breonna. That is ok. And if someone mistakenly thinks her name is Breonna that is ok too. The mask would be a good conversation piece.

If I wore a mask with the name "dumb ■■■■ " and someone called me "mr. dumb ■■■■ " I would explain to them why I had "dumb ■■■■ " written or embroidered on my mask.

Now I am not inferring anything here and used this as a conversation piece.