In Wisconsin, lame duck Republicans are moving to shrink the powers of the new Dem Governor & AG

What happened to Wisconsin? All during my younger days I don’t remember controversial stuff there. They seem to have gone off the deep end.

Oh, I think you’ve missed the point, my friend. This is how we know republicans love small government…they make sure the other party has less power than they did. :rofl::rofl:

It should not even be legal to have a hastily thrown together lame duck legislative session after the November elections, barring some kind of emergency.

Republicans released their bills to the public last Friday evening, public comments Monday, voting Tuesday. That is no way to make major policy.

And people thought act 10 was a ■■■■ show. This isn’t going to go over well.

Where are all the Republicans criticizing this blatant abuse of power?

Oh. Right.

This is who republicans are.

Abuse of power? That’s funny. The founding fathers wanted republicans to disenfranchise democrats because democrats want to destroy America.

Doing something very similar in MI as well.

I hope they enjoy their blatant power grabs. They’re killing themselves for the younger generation.

They should put in yellow vests and set cars on fire… then the CEC will support them.