In what ways do you believe this crisis will permanently alter businesses and education in America?

I like it. That’s cool for Gun controlled Finland. My personal space begins at the muzzle of my 9mm. :grin: Being a N.J. resident, you probably don’t have either choice available. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(Sorry, I had to.)

I think the same my friend. Kudos to you.

Maybe. Maybe not.

It’s already mutated once.

The S strain mostly infected Wuhan.

The L strain is more contagious.

Not sure how’d you calculate that this will be a “one and done”. It takes a 60-70% infection rate to build a natural herd immunity.

Told ya.

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Rare agreement on at least one subject.

I hate shaking hands…avoid it whenever I can.

Assuming it’s one and done is not being realistic.

That’s hope based on a wish, not fact.

The corona virus

Are we worrying about smallpox, measles, polio, even tuberculosis is not much of a factor? Do we worry about west Nile virus?

Yes…there was a serious time…and then…human resources worked on fixing this problem but…it took time.


Balderdash! We agree on a lot. You’ve made some good posts about this. But then you finish it off with condescension and ruin it. And I have to teach you.

You can be negative if you want to. It’s not the American Way. Did Churchill or ■■■■ head Roosevelt ever go on and on about millions of casualties? Show me one of their speeches where they discussed the “exponentiallity” of dead soldiers. Where they spoke about millions of wounded next month.

I had a preacher one time. Smartest one I ever saw. He was working on PhDs in theology and psychology. He preached at a very high level and I really enjoyed it.

The congregation wasn’t there for that.

Your reality is not everybody else’s reality. Nor is it the only reality, despite what you have been led to believe. And the truth is it mostly isn’t even reality at all, it is a potential result, one of many. And it is extrapolated to predict the future, something you cannot do.

You don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow, much less 2 weeks from now. You just think you do because you have an algorithm on a spread sheet. Human beings are not mathematical equations. There are a gazillion possible outcomes to any situation involving humans. You are picking one.

And unless you are the new Secretary of Parade Pissing, I don’t see how it’s your job to force your reality on anybody else.

We could all wake up dead tomorrow. We could all wake up perfectly fine tomorrow. Or anything in between. It’s not up to us.


It depends on with whom.

Has anybody been infected twice?

How much business we do in China has to change. They are not our allies.


Once we get a decent vaccine, we can mutate as well.

So they are “fixed”? How about the flue? Common cold?

Yes…I heard China report that.

We have vaccinations for those and herd immunity.

West Nile doesn’t transmit person to person. The WHO worries very much about controlling the mosquito vector by which it transmits.

If it ever went human to human we would be in big trouble.

There are vaccines but…they’re an educated guess as to which flu you’ll come into contact with?

I don’t care about China, they lie.

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They’re “fixed” in that they never overwhelm the medical system because there is enough herd immunity around to make it “controllable”.

And around we go again repeating things we all know but some of you think score some sort of “points”.