In what ways do you believe this crisis will permanently alter businesses and education in America?

  1. Nothing good ever comes from letting someone get their hands on you.
  2. As we can plainly see, numbnuts weren’t washing their hands, it’s disgusting.
  3. It was intended to show one wasn’t armed. I am ■■■■■■■ armed and I don’t like misleading people.
  4. Keep your hands to yourself and back up off me.

Nod or speak, depending.

I think Handshaking is gross too…

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Oh…all of Hollywood will help with that. :sunglasses:

You would be better suited to a country that naturally practices social distancing - Finland comes to mind. :slightly_smiling_face:

The likelihood is until a vaccine is developed this thing comes in waves.

So I wouldn’t be counting on things returning to normal any time soon.

That’s not slowing down. Price and convenience will always win the day. I personally would always choose going to the store over ordering online. Even if it’s a bit more expensive. Because I don’t care. But I am not in the majority.

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I’m suited to where I am right now, just got to make a few adjustments. China helped.

Good Lord I’m glad I’m not like that.


I know. I’m sure being unrealistic helps you cope better. :sunglasses:


Is this you “coping”?

Realism does not equate to hopelessness.

I’m fine, thanks very much.

If you say so. This must be what putting faith in man looks like. No thanks.

Doesn’t seem like it.

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Putting faith in nature.

Pandemics don’t last. We will live through this. It’s just gonna take a while.

Americans knew we wouldn’t defeat Germany and Japan overnight…but they believed we would. Hope founded on the knowledge we could eventually outgun them and outsupply them.

Same here. This will be a long fight, but we will either have a vaccine eventually or it will peter out. That’s what pandemics do. It’s science.

If you believe in a deity or some other power/whatever that will provide a miracle where this thing “just disappears”, then hey, I’m glad you get your comfort that way. On rare occasions, pandemics do peter out, for a variety of scientific reasons. So if that happens this time I’m sure it will strengthen your faith that a miracle happened.

So good for you.

And good for all of us if this does die down quickly and grant a reprieve.

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That reminds me of the Finnish saying that “My personal space starts at the tip of my puukko “. ( A puukko being the traditional Finnish knife.)

You mean seasons? Like the flu? I am not so sure it will be that way. If the virus doesnt mutate then we should be ok. This will be a one and done.

Ok, if you say so.

Now you’ve done it!


Probably not. Colleges might be the single greediest institutions in America. Graduates can be financially wiped out before they reach the age of 22. Greed gone wild.

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:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::point_up: A funny! You made a funny!

This school shut down will help illustrate that the most important part of the school day for the education of children is the 3 or 5 minutes between classes and lunch…

social distancing will only help facilitate the “headshot” training of the youth through video games…