In what way(s) are today’s Democrats not for open borders?

I too am very interested in reading more about the border agents casually escorting people across the border.

Who cares? It funded the border patrol as I stated. Democrats, a whole lot of them, voted for it.

They voted for the bill not necessarily that aspect of it. There was a whole lot of other stuff in that bill the border security aspect was a tiny fraction of it.

Did their votes count for that particular section or not?

Of course there is sizable portion of open border supporters in the democrat party. They just don’t like the term “Open Borders” because it’s one of those terms that comes across negatively, especially amongst politicians. But if you ask them questions on immigration the truth comes out.

Harvard-Harris poll a few months ago polling on immigration issues - page 74 - link below

QUESTION - “Do you think that people who make it across our border illegally should be allowed to stay in the country or sent home?”

53% of democrats said they should be allowed to stay. So basically if you can make it illegally across the border you’re in, which in itself is open borders.

Page 74 asks: Should ICE be disbanded. Interestingly, 22% of Republicans said yes.

Yep I saw that, the way the question is asked usually get’s a different response, but you would think if you answered

Do you think we need stricter or looser enforcement of our immigration laws?
92% republicans - stricter . page 73

You wouldn’t turn around and have 22% republicans wanting to abolish ICE, interesting :thinking:

Numbers in this poll aren’t very logical.

I already stated what I meant in my other posts. Policies and or actions/or lack there of that undermine our current immigration laws and the legal process for immigration. Regarding your statement about just letting anybody walk across the border, well based on the data I looked up and have heard is that likely only 50% of those crossing the border illegally are actually apprehended. I believe somewhere around 400,000 people were caught this year, so that would potentially mean about 400,000 were “just let through.”

The fact is that although we don’t “technically” have open borders, we do have very porous borders and weak immigration laws. Regarding what the Dems want (and many if not most politicians) is power. They see these migrants as people who are going to vote for them. The goal is to get as many new voters in as possible and work to turn every state blue. In the end politics is all about power.

I agree that is the philosophy of most Democrats. Yes we will try to stop you but once you make it here then you pretty much have every right to stay.

Interesting. Yes they are.

Whose purview is immigration and national border integrity, states or Centgov?

It’s well established by the courts that the federal government cannot appropriate state resources to enforce federal law… It’s why the Trump administration continues to lose every case they bring to court…

That is true, not the question I asked though.

Now you’re buying into another myth. Illegal immigrants can’t vote.

That’s why they want to give amnesty.

You keep believing all of the myths you are told. DACA does not provide citizenship.
Do you know of any proposed legislation that would allow for citizenship? If there are any proposals, it would take years for someone to get that status and there is no guarantee that they would vote Dem at that time.
The concept that Dems want illegal immigrants to come to the US so they will vote Dem defies logic.