In what way(s) are today’s Democrats not for open borders?

Other than verbally saying they don’t want open borders? Sanctuary Cities is an open borders policy for instance, which basically says it’s perfectly acceptable to violate our immigration laws. Amnesty is an open borders policy as well, which many if not all Democrats approve. Many would also like to abolish ICE. So when people say today’s Democrats don’t want open borders I find that not consistent with their policy preferences. Am I wrong?

They voted in favor of a spending bill that funds 20,000 plus border patrol agents.

That amounts to $13.5 billion ways they don’t support an open border.

It doesn’t matter.

They could become As for a dumb wall as as a sentient MAGA hat would and they would still get the MS-13 is coming to eat your babies ads run against them.

Except under dems agents help people cross the border. We need turn around at the border if they are not citizens.

Sanctuary cities are in no way an open borders policy, they are an assertion of the 10th amendment by states to preserve their rights to govern.

That’s an incorrect statement. Please check your facts before posting.

What is your definition of “open borders”?
Are you calling DACA amnesty? John Boehner didn’t think it was.
Do you understand what “abolish Ice” means? It is simply a call to have those agents be held accountable by DOJ. It does not mean we are going to fire all employees at ICE.

Yeah, I’d like to see a source on that as well.

Democrats for states rights, now that’s laughable

That was years ago and a compromise, so it’s hard to say what they actually wanted.

No, it’s this year and every year for the last decade.

Personally I would define any policy that undermines established law or the legal process as “open borders” policy. If non citizens can vote, get a drivers license, get tax payer funded education, etc., what the heck is the point of citizenship? Furthermore why the hell bother going through the legal process?

According to your definitions, how long have we had open borders?

I never stated anywhere that “we have open borders.”

Was there a bill put forth recently that has been voted on?

Remember that time Democrats offered to give Trump his stupid wall in return for DACA and Trump said no because it wasn’t racist enough?

I remember.

The consolidated appropriations act of 2018.

I’m just trying to understand what you and others are calling open borders. What you seem to be calling “open borders” sounds more like a lack of immigration enforcement. You don’t really think we’re going to just let anybody walk across the border into the US, do you? Or fire all of those ICE employees and let all of those illegal immigrants stay, do you?

Also, do I understand that you don’t think that we have open borders, but you are afraid that the Dems will create them?

Should say: “we DO NOT have”
Where’s the damn edit button

That was by no means a stand alone bill on border security and immigration reform.