In viral video, Missouri High teen threatens black students, talks of lynching

I guess the moral of the story here is if you can get young people to be horribly racist then the hate can continue on for generations (as this guy raises his kids).

I’m just curious who taught him to speak like that. His parents? His role models? Groups on the internet?

Can’t link to it, of course, but this is much like the video that came out yesterday of the Turning Points USA kids. Much of it comes from the internet and the far RW sites. IMO.

I would love to know how many KKK-like sites exist on this planet on the Internet.

In the old days they couldn’t get their message out fast. Now all they have to do is register for a domain or use existing social media.

And they feel validated by Trump. I actually dont believe Trump is a white supremacist, sure he might have some racist views as a product of his age and upbringing but its more on the par of old grandpa not understanding why certain words or images are no longer acceptable.

The problem is that old Grandpa just sits in his chair ranting at the world whereas Trump is President of the United States!

Whether Trump is a racist or not he is certainly using their hate to his advantage. It’s blatantly obvious.

Kickapoo High has gone waaay downhill since I was a teen. smh

That jussie smollett. What a wiseguy!

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I agree - It definitely it is a tactic to ensure he gets the votes of a certain demographic.

Its surprising how many people I know in my real life have shown their true colors when it comes to racism and bigotry. I suppose I should thank Trump for at least getting them to do that.

It’s always been there. They were just savvy at hiding it before. Some still are.

Yeah I forget how many MAGA hat wearing trump supporters were there in his story?
It seems like his lie always changed.