In unearthed audio, Tucker Carlson makes numerous misogynistic and perverted comments


Nope. Pretty sure he means people who take issue with him saying dumb racist things.


He was hungry, horny and curious.


And possibly drunk.

Or high.

You never know with that cokehead.



Not surprising though.


At a book talk. the full clip shows that President Obama was describing a conversation he had with someone else about Malcolm X’s beliefs, and that the “ribs and ■■■■■ too” line was spoken by another character in the book.


Oh, I know. I was asking to see if the poster had the honesty to reply with facts and not trolling.


He should be fired… this is some blatantly racist stuff right here. Surprised anyone here is defending him. Actually no I’m not, amirite @ohknow35


Why is there even arguing in this thread? Can we all not seriously agree that tripe like this is unacceptable and ought not be afforded a platform, regardless of who spews it and which side of the political/ideological spectrum it comes from?


Amen. We can’t even agree on blatant racism and bigotry.


Why wasn’t he fired by msnbc back when he said it??

Fascists are so weird.


Still cant condemn… deflect deflect…


Man it’s hard living in a world full of context and stuff.


He could really use a generous smack in the mouth.


Of course msnbc still lets mika and her “homophobic” comments on the air each and every day, so you really shouldn’t have expected them to fire tucker carlson 13 years ago.

Fascists gonna keep tryin tho.


Do you agree with his comments or not? What should Fox do?


I don’t give two ■■■■■ about his 13 year old comments to a morning shock jock.

I think fox should do the same thing that’s been done to samantha b, bill maher, stephen colbert, mika brzeinski, jimmy kimmel…


The only thing I know of his Crossfire days is the clip of Jon Stewart calling both hosts partisan hacks and Tucker something a little more colorful. He was 100% right of course and I loved it. At least he finally gave up the bow ties. lol


Like I said…


Why, are you standing there with him.


Really? I don’t think this is in context. I might agree with him about Arianna, she’s terrible. As for Paris & Britney, well, their actions are kinda’ speaking for themselves. As for Alexis, don’t know anything about her.