In today’s “Irony Can Be Pretty Ironic Sometimes”

I read this and laughed my ass off. They should bar us from going over there…let our economy suffer some more to kick us in the ass to take this seriously.

Maybe the EU could also build a wall and make the US pay for it.

Or perhaps along with Russia and Brazil, they could designate the US a ■■■■ hole country.

What does everyone think?

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4 years ago, if you had told me an American President would have put the US in this position, I would have laughed my head off. A US passport use to be the one to have, as it allowed so much access to different nations. Under the current administration, it is becoming less and less valuable. Other nations don’t want people coming to their country from a nation who lets diseases run rampant. And that is the type of nation the US has become. Something’s got to change. The US should be better than this.


You know things are messed up when Mexico starts talking about building a wall in order to actively block American immigration.


How is that going to hurt our economy if the EU is dumb enough to do so?

More likely to crush their own. Quite a few EU countries are very dependent on American Tourism.

Oh look anouther lib hoping the economy suffers and US suffers. They don’t even try and hidden it anymore.

Maybe they could just pay the US to build it for them. Oops.

Gee, perhaps Trump being a complete idiot about how he handled this whole mess might have something to do with this.

Travel restrictions will continue until November 4th. Whatever happened to the left’s resentment towards other countries influencing our elections?

That kind of went out the window when our President started openly asking foreign countries to interfere with our elections.

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We did. Didn’t your boy say they were going to pay for it? Checks in the mail, right?

So you’re no longer opposed to the practice. Cool.

Precedent has been set. I mean that’s the excuse for pretty much everything else your boy does. But Obama…

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I’m not the one making excuses.

You didn’t exactly call him out on it either.

Really? I missed that. What did he ask exactly that you’ve spun into such a request?

Of course you did. It wasn’t posted on a QAnon website. :laughing:

You said, “That kind of went out the window when our President started openly asking foreign countries to interfere with our elections.”

So, what did Trump say exactly?
His actual words. Not your Schiff-paraphrase.
Or maybe someone gave you a Schiff-paraphrase and you swallowed it because of confirmation bias.