In this weeks episode of "If Obama had done this", Trump salutes a N.Korean General


I remember when people lost their ■■■■ at the coffee salute thing.

But nothing matters anymore.

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I’m just going to leave this here.

Wasn’t okay then, but it’s cool now since the team I belong to is in charge now.


it was an unprecedented moment.

you are confused.

Now libs who never served will be pretending they know proper military etiquette.


I didn’t even watch the video, but I know for certain that, THIS, will be what finally brings trump down.

Well done!!

I’ll contact the Nobel committee and have them prepare your award.

I like how exciting the narration is. I think they were trying to catch a little of this intensity

look at the bright side. Trump is having a better year than your Orioles.

He shouldn’t have done that.

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Eh, it’s not really a big deal.

The double-standard is just amusing.

And now they’re going to have to write “DON’T SALUTE” in his briefing notes going forward :grin:.

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Starting at 0:58 was ■■■■■■■ hilarious!
The orange pile is going to get trolled hard for that one. Lol!

why? Trump did not initiate the salute. He returned it, as is our military custom.

Whether the North Korean was right to render the salute is dependent on North Korean military etiquette rules. But once rendered by the junior, the senior should return it. Otherwise, the junior would never lowered his hand.

This is true regardless if the two officers are the same country, allied or even enemy meeting under these rare situations.

Did you even watch the video? The General had already lowered his hand and was reaching for Trump’s outstretched arm in order to shake hands. It was only at that point that Trump figured that he was supposed to salute in this instance.

So if NOKO gets rid of their nuclear weapons, the LIB take away from that historic event will be that Trump got confused and accidentally saluted a NOKO general.

Let’s hope and pray DEMs don’t get control of the house, because that most certainly will be seen as an impeachable offense.

Kind of sick when you think about it.

Nuclear free Korean peninsula, booming economy. Lowest unemployment in all sectors. Energy independence.


LIBs will impeach Trump because he had the audacity to beat their heir apparent.


You’re buying the same lies NK has sold for decades, and you’re buying the same lies Fox has been spinning for decades, and you’re buying the same lies Trump has been spinning. When do you guys stop being so gullible?


You want Trump to abandon our allies in the region and have us no longer defend South Korea and Japan, allowing the entire region to be subject to the new regional superpower, China?

And that’s what you think constitutes winning?

Indeed, you guys are extremely frightening with your plans for American retreat.

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One begins a salute at Attention. Trump lowered his arm into a position of Attention once he saw the officer saluting. He then completed the military greeting.

I bet you and other libs think the President should have known he would be saluting.


Salutes are only rendered indoors under certain conditions… reporting, accepting awards, etc. But indoors, a military officer does not normally wear a hat. Whether the Korean officer was correct in 1) wearing a hat indoors and 2) giving a salute in the first place are the only debatable items here. And unless we have the North Korean military etiquette regulation to refer to, we don’t know.

Trump hating can make fools out of libs.

Donald Trump doesn’t know protocol in these kinds of situations. You can’t really blame him. He wasn’t raised around any of that (or trained now).

The North Korean general realized his mistake and was lowering his hand before Trump did anything.

The general can be forgiven. He’s probably very nervous given Kim would execute him and his entire family for any slight. You know, because he loves them so much.


That’s not true. He dressed up in a pretend military academy for a few years. Practically the same thing.

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Trump and his sycophants are a disgrace to America…

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You conveniently don’t mention all the scandals and idiotic things Trump has done which is why various pols are thinking of impeaching him. Do they just disappear from your mind? ---- I’m not being sarcastic, I’d really like to know.